Ultra AP / 3T: Humvee Replacement?

By Deane Barker on August 23, 2005

Ultra AP and Ultra 3T Concept/Experimental Armored Vehicles for U.S. Infantry: The venerable Humvee is due for replacement, perhaps with this vehicle being designed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute:

The 3-ton ULTRA 3T will unite an array of advanced technologies in a single automotive package. Some of these technologies, such as anti-lock brakes and airbags, are commonly available on production automobiles. Others, such as computerized stability control systems and advanced power-generating capabilities, are truly cutting edge…

Found via this USA Today article which said:

The original Humvee design worked well in the Persian Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo and elsewhere, says Thomas Donnelly, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a research organization. The Iraq war has forced the vehicle into doing what “it was never contemplated that it would do,” including battling bomb-wielding insurgents in today’s urban combat.

The armoring of the Humvee to counter the bombs has had limited success. Some shortcomings cannot be fixed without a thorough redesign. For example, even with armor, a Humvee’s flat bottom won’t deflect bomb blasts as well as new designs with boat-bottom-shaped underbodies.



  1. I heard there were a lot of problems with Hummers breaking axles due to their wide wheelbase.

    This thing reminds me of those old WWII German half truck/half tank looking deals.

  2. If you are talking about Hummer’s breaking axles during the recent conflict, it is not due to the wide wheelbase…it is due to the added weight of the up-armor kits being installed. This is adding significant weight to a vehicle that was not designed for it. Of course, the soldiers in the field will definately trade off axle and suspension problems for the extra protection provided.

    I like the thoughts being put into the new vehicle…more passive safety features are needed in these vehicles than just a seatbelt. Once you have your body armor on, seatbelts are far to restrictive to your movement and most soldiers don’t bother putting them on. I have to wonder what force it would require for the airbag to deploy, especially if this is going to have the off-road abilities of the Humvee…I can think of many times when I could have set off the average airbag during training and deployment.

  3. hummvees are in need of replacement, but not with that thing. that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen

  4. that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen

    And Humvees are prettier? Something tells me that looks aren’t terribly high on the DOD’s checklist.

  5. Hi there: My friend and I were in a discussion this evening about the hummers 3t . If no one remembers what they looked like they were the ones that looked just like a truck. I told him that they did not make many of them because they would not sell. I can not seem to find anyhthing on the internet about them can anyone tell me which one of us is right. He is thinking about getting the one that has crew cab doors on it.


  6. The thing about this design is the price, clearly this new vehicle is much more expensive then the Humvee. For the same price, it would be more effective and cheaper just to redesign the humvee, a better chassis and supsension to deal with IEDs and the weight of armor , and a smaller more powerful and fuel efficent V-6 are a few easier ways to get a better vehicle, plus I don’t trust any of the new prototypes I’ve seen so far.

  7. i like this design it has alot of extra safety so i say keep this design it will probably save alot of lifes

  8. i like this design it has alot of extra safety so i say keep this design it will probably save alot of lifes

  9. i like this design it has alot of extra safety so i say keep this design it will probably save alot of lifes

  10. its a rolling bomb shelter. the distance between the front and rear wheels seems alarming for desert off roading. untill they invent fireproof, bullet proof, blowout proof, super tire systems, tracks sound a lot better for a lot of different reasons

  11. well these concept vehicles will be a huge improvment to out military lines. That thing has to be plowin close to 200 horse thats boss. We could be mowin down towel heads if we start producing this soon. those little bastards will be running for their fucken lives.

  12. this would be a good edition to our military….i would fuckin kill everything in its path….fuck all them towel heads…

  13. i am currently working on a vehicle concept that will replace the hummer. and i have to agree with the one post of being not the prettiest thing in the world. i believe that the hummer is much prettier but old 70’s tech. this vehicle i’m designing will do things the hummer only dreams about. i am looking for investors and testing the technology that will allow my vehicle to maneuver over inhospitable terrain and be safer than the hummer or this new vehicle while it does it.

  14. It don’t need to be pretty, it is to kick ass and get guys out alive. What the hell do u want a sprots car, u retard. It look good and gives good visibility since the crew looks in 4 directions. The only things they need to do though is make a cover for the back bed thing so grenades don’t get in and make a small low profile turret (like the commander’s copula on the m60 tank) for the 7.62 or .50 cal. It carries 4 people but could be made into a more of a personel carrier if the capsule were lengthened and covered the current “pickup bed” in the back. It would then look like 1 seat facing forward and 2 long 3 or 4 person benches behind that facing out to the sides w/ the single back seat. Now that would be an awsome vehicle.

  15. The thing is built on an F-350 frame. It has greater limitations than the HMMWV. Unless they modify the suspension. We are not in the 1900’s any more people. Why worry about using existing materials when it is an unconventional war. We need to create a unique vehicle with unique characteristics. This means developing something from the ground up. The enemy knows what conventional materials and parts are out there. That will not get around in the mountains, hillsides, etc. let alone where the HMMWV can go. Just wait and see what I have in store :)

    Are you calling me a retard?

  16. The modified F-350 frame with 1T rated solid axles is more heavy duty and offers more wheel travel than the HMMWV’s independent suspension. An F-350 frame with 37″ tires and high travel 4-link coils front and rear can outmanuever an HMMWV any day over rough terrain. The problem is that solid axles don’t absorb energy as well at high speeds, say 70 mph over desert terrain. But at slow speeds over rough terrain solid axles will get you where no FWIS can.

    Because it is built on an F-350 chassis, it will not cost significantly more than an HMMWV. Parts are plentiful and service is easy and simple. The Diesel engine in this design is 3 times more powerful than the HMMWV’s and more reliable too. The reason the military uses Diesel is because it is safer–it has a lower volatility and also it is more plentiful,

    There are so many design considerations in this prototype that we don’t even know about; it is not like they overlooked some of the simple issues you guys are bringing up. Everything is a way for a reason. There may be better solutions but it is not like they just threw this stuff together on an F-350 frame and thought it would work. And about the appearence of the vehicle…. come on, let’s be serious now.

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