When You Really Need To Getaway

By on August 18, 2005

And I don’t mean “Get Away.”

Getaway Drivers.com is the place to go if you need a driver, a fast car, and no questions.

GetawayDrivers.com is the premier driver-for-hire site. We employ drivers for every occasion. If you need to get away clean, and fast, nothing compares to GetawayDrivers.com.

As always, our drivers follow the strict rules of “No Questions Asked.” Our concern is that you get away.

I have a tough time believing this is for real. Who the heck would advertise a service like this over the Internets? Then there is the Driver Profile page; the drivers sound like characters right out of a movie. In fact, wouldn’t be surprised if this is a promo site for an upcoming movie, a la I, Robot.



  1. Wasn’t there a PlayStation game called Getaway? …(Checks ps2.ign.com)… Yup! And a sequel, AND there’s another one coming out for the PS3.

  2. That was awesome. I looked at it and thought about getaway drivers, but I assumed it was a typo that there was no space and that it was talking about vacations. Then I read the story and see that my hopes were true. Much glee!

    Oh, the GoDaddy WHOIS tells me that it is registered to Domains by Proxy, Inc., so no luck getting the owner that way. However, it is part of DbP’s TOS that you can’t use it for illegal activities, so it is almost definitely an advertisement or ARG (which was almost definite to begin with, considering, but that’s not the point), but for whom I have yet to figure out. I’m looking into it now, seeing what I can uncover.

  3. These next questions are very important. Please be as detailed as possible. Job detail: List important information such as: · Who will you be running from? · Do you expect gun fire? · Do you expect to be tailed? · Do you expect to need medical attention upon entering the getaway vehicle? · Etc. Please give a time frame for each event as you see it happening as well.

  4. That is good Alex! The slogan on their Support page is good too;

    We live and die by our pledge to never leave you behind.

    No mention anywhere what they would charge for such commitment to getting you where you need to go.

    Then there is the special instructions for Government Employees:

    Please use your department issued applications instead of this online form.

    Surprising they don’t have something on the site referring to their “Preferred Contractor” status with the US Government.

    This site is too much!

  5. The site now has a blog on there from the supposed owner, Tom Speedman. Looks like there’s been a lot of questions such as ours. Even if it isn’t real, it’s a cool site. It would make a great promo site.

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