Hummer H3

By Deane Barker on August 18, 2005

Hummer H3 smaller but still a Hummer: At least the mileage is going up.

The new Hummer H3, which is smaller yet than the H2, is considerably easier to manage in the real world. Its gas mileage, at 19 miles per gallon on the highway with the automatic transmission, is in line with other SUVs of its size.



  1. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not a Hummer. Hummers are supposed to be the giants. Scaling it down like this is plain wrong.

  2. Ditto. But to me it’s not just the size of the H3 that is the problem. I have trouble accepting the H2 as a “Hummer”. The H2 & H3 just look too… I dunno. Domesticated?

  3. IMHO (speaking as a died-in-the-wool Jeep owner understand..;)

    H1’s were designed around a set of functional requirements, – function over form. Just like the original Jeeps, BTW.

    Everything after the H1 has been designed just the opposite – form over function. The H2 is a full-size GM truck with different sheetmetal. The H3 – a Colorado/medium size truck with different sheetmetal. To me they really do look like something designed by marketing committees and focus groups.

    No soul.

    Personally if you want Hummer-like functionality in a smaller size go get a Jeep Wrangler.

  4. I have been a Wrangler owner since 1988. To date I have owned 4 Jeep wranglers. I have loved each and every one of them. I consider myself a die-hard Wrangler dude. I have an H3 on order now and my 2004 Wrangler is up for sale. I have test driven the H3 both on and off road and I can assure you that is far more capable than my Wrangler. Also the H3 has managed to hold on to the rugged off-road looks that the Wrangler exemplifies. I whole-heartedly disagree with the no soul comment. Why did I give up on a 17-year love affair with the wrangler you ask? Amenities, convenience, space, and the list goes on. Trying to put a child seat in the back of a wrangler is a pain. Watching my mountain biking buddies cram in both the front and the back seat. Don’t even get me started with storage. My 2004 has the least storage behind the rear seat so far. With the Exception of a the convertible factor (and trust me that was the hardest thing to loose) the H3 satiates all of my off road desires.

  5. Ah, grasshopper. Only 17 years? ;) 20 here and counting (and only on 2nd Jeep at that), and Jeeps are still “Universals” to me rather than “Wranglers”….;)

    I know full well the limitations of the Jeep CJ/Wrangler so understand your points, but all of them can be overcome. I solved the space and kids issue by building a CJ6, but the Unlimited helps in that regard a bit as well. I hear talk of a 4 door Wrangler in the near future as well.

    But then again Jeeps are more to me than a rolling assembly of features and amenities…they have a character and a history in our family that no other vehicle could have. And there’s no way I’d ever have a closed-top ‘wheeler…for me that’s half the fun.

    I’ll reserve judgement on the H3’s of-roading abilities, knowing that so much more of that is due to the driver rather than the vehicle. But a friend did have some fun with one recently..;):

    Do you think H3 owners will wave to each other? ;)

  6. Anyone that has done any serious off roading must realized that neither the H1 or H2 are worth anything for civilian play in the trails stuff. the H1 is a totally military vehicle somewhat adapted for urban use the H2 is an overgrown suburban also to wide and bulky for off road. On the other hand the H3 is the perfect size for urban use and also very capable off road.

  7. Boyinmk wrote Anyone that has done any serious off roading must realized that neither the H1 or H2 are worth anything for civilian play in the trails stuff


  8. I cannot believe how many uneducated responses there are here. I’m sure 80% of you don’t even drive yet so I’ll take it all with a grain of salt. The H3 is hardly small. It’s larger than many full size SUV’s, and compared to an H2 it’s not that much smaller. Infact, it’s longer than an H1, height is the same as H1’s (except for the new alpha’s which have a lift) and of course 12 inches narrower.

    Off-road it’s as good if not BETTER than the H2, I own an H1 and recently purchased an H3, I’ll tell you that the H3 holds its own off-road, and I’m damn proud of it. it’s every bit Hummer and the only people who would say otherwise are those who have never driven any Hummer. Lots of smack, but I expect that from teenagers who still borrow their parents civic.

    And for crying out loud, the moron who says the H2 and H3 are nothing but Suburbans and Colorado’s with upgraded sheet metal, my goodness, how little can one person understand about these vehicles? You obviously have a connection to the internet (I’m glad your public library allows you to use it), DO SOME RESEARCH KID!

  9. Differences in opinion regarding vehicles aside, I sincerely hope that while you are “ripping * over trails and running over and through drainage ditches” that you are using your Hummer in a “Tread Lightly” manner on legally open trails and scramble areas.

    If so, then I’ll gladly share the trail and a beer around the campfire afterwards with any of you.

  10. Why is it that owners of H2 hummers will not wave or even look at h1 hummers on the road, they make as though they don’t even see you. I live in a area all pick ups wave to each other . I am on the road most of the day all week and pass many h2″s and they just turn their heads as you don’t exist.

  11. I love my H3, (see my review in consumer reports entitled,”Irrational Exuberance!”). Very polarizing vehicle though. Sierra Club types like to blast the whole line and then queitly hop on a gas guzzling jumbo jet to go trample Yosemite or some other pristine enviroment. I think I may get a “Save the Manatee” plate just to throw the enviro-nazis off a bit.

  12. I have owned 7 jeeps, from an M38A1 up to a 83 and an’84 CJ8 Scrambler. I have driven an unlimited (I work for a jeep dealership) and they are a nice urban vehicle. I now own an H3, and couldn’t be more satisfied. It rides like a big car, handles like a dream, shortest turn diameter of almost anything, and very pleasing to the eye. And although its not a concern of BIG hummer owners. my petite wife is not afraid to drive the H3. And Yes, it does kinda hurt to turn my back on Jeep, but, If they reissue the CJ8, Scrambler, I probably will buy a new one. With all the options. Love my Hummer. East Texas and Colorado

  13. The H2 is not a’s a hand job…and the H3 ??? HELLO…what’s the point…If there is one I don’t get it…well maybe to make money I suppost but for us diehard H1 owners, when the H2 came out, is hilarious and then the H3…I just fell off my chair laughing….Why would anyone buy one of those things…Why?

  14. I have a yellow H2 Hummer. I love it, but now I want a Hummer H3! Spoiled, I know. But they are hard to resist!!!

  15. Real Hummer drivers (H1 owners that is) are the uncompromising types who will not settle for anything but the best… I can’t understand why someone who wants a Hummer would compromise themselves by purchasing second best and then go out in public in it and scream out loud (just by being in it) that they will settle for less…that they will compromise themselves or…worse yet…scream out “I wanted a Hummer and couldn’t afford it”…that’s too much funny…and everyone sees that… THAT…ladies and gentlemen, is exactly the image you project driving an H2 or H3….The general public knows it, H1 owners know it and you should too…Listen…if you want to associate yourself with that “uncompromising” image. DON’T settle for second best….Buy a HUMMER!!!!!!…..The REAL one…Duh…. And the comment about the H2 and H3 being beefed up Burbs and Avalanch’s. That info comes directly from the manufacture and dealers…and the H3 is not longer than the H1….Hey, and I know exactly what you mean when you asked why H2 owners don’t wave back at H1 owners…when they grow up, they’ll say hi.

  16. And gas mileage…what the heck it that all about. If you have to “worry” or even discuss “gas mileage” you should be shopping at KIA or HYUNDI. Go hug a tree. Hey look…you spend $120,000 USD on a truck…who cares about the mileage. Ya think I saved up the money to buy my Hummer by saving on gas driving a Jetta….who’s the idiot who thought up that question…LOL

  17. Gentelmen, especially people making negative comments on H2, apperently you have never ridden H2. It drives like a caddy, you can not get this confortable ride from H1 as a matter fact you can only get it from an Escalade. Try to drive 1200 miles with H1, how unconfortable it is you will see. People laughing at H2 owners, well let them laugh… Also riding Hummer no matter what it looks like or how it rides is a passion, one of the gratest brand names ever…Rented H3 last week, it rides like a jeep wrangler, stiff but still has the caracter…Still goes over 24″ flood waters and 4×4…price is right…

  18. You see folks…he brings up “the price”…and the “ride” of an Escalade…HA HA HA Jamie…buy a Hyundai…it’ll give you everything YOU’RE looking for buddy (except maybe spell check..LOL).at a cost that you won’t have to mention…..What part am I not making clear here about HUMMER….It’s not about comfort, or ride or price, passion or even stature….. Quality comes to mind…functional…practical … durable…and if you must…at the bottom of a “pro’s” list, REAL value for your dollar. All the bling bling in an H2 and H3 I’ve seen and experienced even on different types of vehicles is just that….FLUFF….No fluff in an H1 but everything you need. Hey, it’s an “Alpha” type vehicle to say the least…but an uncompromising, no bones about it, in your face, REAL McCOY….Why do you think the armed forces use them…(for the ride?…DUH)….anyway, I’m a very simple and practical man. I demand the best and expect nothing less. There’s enough people out there to compromise and accept inferior quality products to make it worth while to sell junk I guess…just not for me. One only and that the best….. Although I suppose I should add…one of the “con’s” of an H1 (I will admit), is it gives the owners a bad attitude about other vehicles…(smile)….. Thom

  19. I don’t get the arrogance of the H1 fanboys. They are very immature, because they can’t understand, much less accept, individual differences. They think everyone sees the world the way they do. Newsflash: we don’t.

    I own a business and have a seven figure annual income. I can buy TEN H1’s, if that’s what I wanted. I don’t. H1’s = ugly, impractical, ugly, impractical, ego trip. I can buy any car I want, and I have three fairly expensive vehicles, but for my SUV, I fell in love with the H3. Perfect size. I don’t need an H1 to try to compensate for having a small something else.

  20. After spending 23 years in the military, I’m uniquely entitled to remind even H1 owners that THEY are not even driving the real thing (which can be had for a lot less than 120k at surplus, by the way). The H1 shares much of the platform of the real thing, but it’s still been gussied-up for city slickers and dude ranchers. It’s a nice range vehicle but not a good trail rider or rock climber. That’s not what it was made for and that’s not what the military use them for. They were designed for plodding through third world countries with the capacity to avoid roads, skipping between roads, or traverse areas where there are no roads. They are not a mountain//jungle/narrow trail vehicle. H2? Tahoe, ’nuff said. H3? More of same. Having said that, and realizing that it’s mostly about image even to H1 owners anyway, the H3 does have in fact have some unique advantages:

    1. It actually is a decent rock-climber, and trail rider, and there’s a market for that sort of thing.
    2. It is closer to being civilized and practical, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If the “accept no compromise” H1 crowd were anything other than puffarts, they’d buy a military surplus one with no windows and use it to navigat their huge ranch in the southwest rather than show off at supermarkets and brag on websites.
    3. It won’t look totally different in a few model years. That’s actually a huge plus in terms of investment and looking cool (which is why folks buy these things for the most part).

    Bad news: Pathetically underpowered for daily driving. The rumored alpha may help, but this thing can’t accelerate fast enough to spill coffee. Forget about passing someone. Can’t see a damn thing thru the windows. Range rovers and land cruisers have been around a long time, you can have good off-road ability and still see well enough to not run over every llama or zebra or hyundai that gets in your way. Most importantly, pathetcially underpowered. Stepping on the gas pedal is like stepping on a tomato. You hear lots of noise, but nothing much happens.

  21. Hey Plainsman…I think your H3 is to compensate for a small vocabulary. But you at least understand that it’s not a money issue. And I never said it was a “travel’n” machine….I have a 3 wheeled “retractable gear” machine for that….(some will understand that statement)…. and horses for the trails and 2 legs to climb rocks….If climbing rock and driving long distance is why one would by a Hummer, may I respectfully submit, there are vehicles out there that do a much better job with a lot move fun and less money….An ARGO is a hoot…and for the cost conscience traveller, the bus. Those suggestions are for the ones who “compromise”… It’s way cheaper…..And “Col” Joe, you’re too assuming…what makes you think I don’t have the H998 model AND the HMC4…..23 years..!!!….mmm…5 years, it’s duty, 10 years a career, 15 you start to get lazy, but 23, you’re a leech….and I dought you saved enough to buy your own used volkswagen….(see me on the USARMY site Joe.) If any of you guys/gals purchased a Hummer to make friends and impress people, It’s usually the H2 or H3….How the hell do you impress someone with the junky looking, box shaped, slow moving, rough riding, WORKING truck like the H1. Did it ever occur to you that its a WORKING truck. An uncmpromising vehicle but sturdy platform for whatever….and it can be written off totally as an expense on taxes. Try writing off an H2 or H3 as a “necessary” expense. Good luck…. Reallity is not an issue on this site….I’m going to feed the horses…. Thom

  22. … the real thing (which can be had for a lot less than 120k at surplus…)

    That would be great, but I’ve heard that mil-spec Hummers are not and cannot be made street-legal. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?

    btw, Col. Joe: Don’t let anyone dis you for 23 years of service. The only true leeches are those who refuse to serve and show disrespect to those who have. (not that that describes our friend Thom — I don’t know his record — but if the shoe fits…)

    I, for one, salute you and thank you for your service.

  23. You can tell I don’t go for the popularity vote… Some states (not sure which ones) and all provinces in Canada disallow H998’s on the road. Can’t register or insure.
    Good on private property only. What ever manufacture you pick, on what ever product you buy, you should always purchase the top end….why compromise, to who’s benifit?…if you pick Hummer, get the best, if you pick Nissan, get the best (or top end)…if the top end is not cost effective, go to the next manufacturer and try the top end…don’t settle for less…what ever you buy, buy the best….Even tires…it doesn’t matter what brand of tire, just the best in the brand….why would you want the cheapest less than best or perfect …. (a compromise maybe)….What ever one you pick get the best, don’t compromise….duh!!!! If Susuki is too much, have a look at some other SUV manufacturers. I can’t believe you people….There are sooooo many good SUV’s out there…and every manufacturer has it’s top end and bottom end runs….even the cheapest manufacturers have a top end and just might be better than the bottem end Hummer models (ie…H2 or H3).

  24. I only happened onto this site randomly by accident. I was interested in reading what people, real people had to say good or bad about the H3.

    I too served in the armed forces (USMC) and Humvee’s (Hummers) were a important part of field operations.

    To My understanding, any vehicle which holds the Hummer name must pass US Army specifications or it will be denied for manufacture. Even the lic. Plate must be in a certain location.

    I have personally tested the H3. Yes it was from a local dealer, yes it wasnt a week long excursion but it proved some very valuable points to Me at least.

    I am not a rich man. Having looked at Land Rovers, Toyotas and the like I found them short of what I would expect a SUV (for personal use by me) to accomplish and still hold up. WInter storms. Offroad camping, towing a boat, and the usual laundry outings with a whole ton of dirty socks.

    The interior unlike all the other vehicles I saw were more geared towards sophisication. Not function. The spaced out buttons, and rubber covered knobs proved to me they would be perfect to use while wearing winter gloves. Sturdy construction, better than average gas milage was a major plus.

    Yes its slightly underpowered. But then again you cant have good gas milage, AND incredible power. I can afford a H3. I felt immediately comfortable with its thick steering wheel, leather seats and quiet demeanor.

    Sometimes “good enough” is all thats required. Nothing is perfect. Although I dont consider buying a H3 lowering My standards. Because it is far better than the 8 yr old sedan I drive now.

    Just an opinion.

  25. “good enough” for those of us who arent overburdened with money to buy more expensive toys.

    I am going to hold out on buying until they decide if there will be a turbo edition added to the lineup. The possibility of better passing power is a worthwhile addtion to wait on.

    I wondered with all this discussion, if a H1 owner, would bother waving to a H3 owner….

    Today I even went to look at the Motor Trend SUV of the year, the Land Rover LR3 and I must say I was dissapointed in it. Far too over engineered for soccer moms, and boyscouting.

    Too many buttons, knobs and controls where the Hummer H3 had 4 to control anything nature can throw at it. Sometimes less is more.

    If the only gripe people can give the new member of the family is that she is underpowered the turbo will put those complaints to rest. And lighten My bank account accordingly.

  26. To Ghost. Hold off on your purchase, save your money and buy a washer and dryer. (I would have thought though, one each would have come WITH the trailer). Unless you’re planning to move your trailer, you won’t have to worry about having enough turbo power to get over the laundry carts in “the park”.

  27. I wondered with all this discussion, if a H1 owner, would bother waving to a H3 owner….

    < <<>>> would I wave at a H3 ?? I guess it depends on how good looking the soccer mom is . < <<<<>>>>

  28. The point, gentlemen is this:

    I’ve had a Ford F-150 4×4 and loved it until I had to sell it (wife, kids , broke…) . Thing was , I didn’t use it off road very much. Those of you who do get a chance to get out in the woods to have some fun, OK, fine. Been there done that.

    The ones who buy a Hummer because they CAN roughly equate to the Saudi sheiks who have gold faucets in every bathroom in their palace(s). You’ve got money and you flaunt it. Again: OK, fine. Might I suggest you use that money for charitable purposes?

     (  I might refrain from the "You're compensating for a small penis" , we'll see.)

    I just parked a Toyota 2wd truck that got me everywhere I ever needed to go due to mounting mechanical/financial woes [334,000miles]. It got about 25-27MPG. Things were really bad, wallet-wise. I spent $1,443.02 on gas 01/01/05 to 06/27/05. That’s a daily commute of 140 miles round trip. Just before gas rocketed upward this summer I began driving my Dad’s Corolla. Now I have my own Corolla ( I could not justify the extra ten grand for a Prius. 401k & college funds) and I am getting 38mpg when I’m late,haulin’ ASS with the A/C on. If I do 55mph, I get over 43MPG!!!!! This has saved me a bunch of money on my car (gas) expenses.

    I recycle because I should (beer cans, bottles, paper,etc.) I feel better about turning out lights, not primarily because my electric bill will be smaller, but due to the fact that we’ll burn less coal, pollute less and reduce acid rain. It leaves a better world for My kids & YOUR kids.

    So when you see a car going the opposite way roll down the window & flip you the bird, it’s because you DON’T have locked hubs, you aren’t slinging mud and you ARE fouling MY air.

    So there.

    PS: Check ‘Submissions’ link first.

    No hard feelings, OK?

  29. As much as I would LOVE to save money on gas by buying a 50mpg car, the need for more room inside for gear, and people negates that. The desire for a suv is in no way related to the short pickle in My boxers. Trying to get the best bargain, while fullfilling the requirements life throws at me is the reasoning. So I need to justify the expense, with benifits.

    Just because you can survive with a corolla in your neck of the woods doesnt mean the rest of us can. Deep snow, and such makes that kind of vehicle unrealistic, and unreliable. I would be no better off in a corolla, than I am in My Buick now.

    And just because one person burns more fuel than another even the hybrids use the same gas we all do. You are still a consumer, and a reason shieks are rich. Just like having one beer doesnt make you an alcoholic, but you are still a drinker.

    There is no common ground when people justify the gas they use with the money spent as an excuse. “I paid for it, I will do whatever I want with it”. Much can be said for many things.

    Until alternative fuels become “convenient” enough for regular use we will all still be forced (not forced physically, just by social standards) to rely on fossil fuels. A hydrogen powered hummer is a start. Human beings dont use anything which forces them to go out of their way. They like cheap, and radily availible. Which is why fast food is so appealing. No waiting, and its everywhere.

    Giving the one digit salute to people doesnt solve the issue, nor does it change their behavior. It just shows your lack of tact, and maturity.

    People who take themselves too seriously are a pet peeve.

    I want what I want. A typical human emotion. I do the best I can with whats available. H3 it is.

    Even if Consumer reports hates it.

  30. Some of you people are absolute idiots. You are saying H2s and H3s are not Hummers in your opinion. What did you expect an H2 to be 140 inches wide and the H3 to be the size of a monster truck? How impractical do you want them to be???? They made those for people to have a a thing called variety of sizes. Most poeple can’t afford a $100,000 car or would want to drive something that size. So hmmm how can we as a company get more people to purchase our product?? Lets make a new model. Great idea!! Do you think that people that have a V6 Mustang shouldn’t be concidered a Mustang owner unless it has a V8 in it?? Are you that dumb?? There needs to be different models for peoples different tastes. The H2 and H3 are perfect size for the normal person unlike the oversized H1.

  31. Yes…some people are absolute IDIOTS…kinda like that last comment…. Hey Homer…read what’s been going on…nothing like jumping into the middle of a conversation…. …(shaking head)….LOL If you buy one of these things buddy, you deserve it…..LOL

  32. Having been the owner of 3 SCIONS all very good gas mileage cars I would have to say that the H3 is not by any means a GUZZLER… I own one and it’s not too bad on fuel,turns on a dime and rides like a 59 Caddy have also owned one. I own an auto repair business and have owned and driven many different types of vehicles the H3 drives very well hands down if you have the money buy it!! In comparison The JEEP Grand has a higher towing capacity but has this side to side rock when you drive it and the FORD Explorer Always feels like it’s going to go over on it’s side even with the independent suspension. The Dodge Durango Just feels very heavy as for any other compatible vehicle I can not say but the H3 is a very capable SUV and with a 30,000+ or so tag not to far out on the buying scale considering most of these Vehicles are well over 30 Grand..

  33. What the hell are you all taking about? Is not even about cars anymore you just get personal and argue. If any of you had the money to have all 3 hummers and a jeep, you would buy all of them. Having pride on your ride is great, but all 3 hummer have vast cons and pros, so does the jeep. Yes, the H1 is the original and the toughest, is also the most expensive. Yes, the H2 is a raised suburban but is great looking and it can perform well in off-road conditions. Yes, the H3 is not big but it can climb over things neither of the other two can and its affordable. Stop diminishing the other cars because you have another one, all of those cars sell well because people have different priorities.

  34. I think some of you need to take a good look at the lineup hummer has to offer. As one person said, Hummer has to produce different vehicles for different tastes. Now, unlike many of you, I own a 2006 H1 Alpha, a 2005 Hummer H2, and a 2006 Hummer H3. I take them offroad a lot and I can personally tell you that they do have differences. Yes, the H1 is clearly the best of all of them but it is also the most expensive. The H2 is actually better than almost any jeep could ever be, not to diss jeeps I have owned 2 of them, except for how wide it is, plus there are a ton of blind spots. The H3, which I really didn’t consider a Hummer, is actually marvelous offroad. However, being that it is underpowered is an issue, but it is a very good offroad vehicle for $41,000(what I paid for mine). Also the people who keep saying that the H1 is the only true hummer are complete idiots. Okay, for instance, do you consider the Jeep Wrangler the only true Jeep? Or do you consider the Lamborghini Murcielago the only true lamborghini, when its brother the Gallardo is actually a lot better? Now you can say the H2 and H3 are not H1’s but they are deffinitely Hummers, especially since Hummer built them. I dont believe any of you have the right to say the H1 is the only true Hummer since you are not the ones building them, and the H1 is not even the equivalent to the Humvee. So, there is your reality check, assholes.

  35. I am interested in an H3. Is the rear seat set up for a child seat?(LATCH, etc.) Does it eat gas (Had a hemi and got about 11-13 before, will I really do better?) Please send any and all input. I greatly appreciate everyones’ help. By the way, I drove a H in the Army for 3 years, so please keep comments re: H3 being soft to yourself. Thanks again, J

  36. The H3 realistically gets about 17 mpg average milage over most terrain. That is from imput from current owners I have heard from. There is no LATCH system in the back as far as I know, but it does have connect points.

    There is no option for a larger engine (yet) but I am holding out for a turbo model which will solve the underpower issues. When used properly in regular driving the turbo will not affect MPG significantly.

  37. The Pathfinder is 10 times better than the H3, cheaper and can out manouver the H3 also…did the mud bog with thoses and a few others…actually the Suzuki Samarai bet everyone…go figger…but I still have to say…the H1, one only and that the best…. One other comment I’d like to pass on….I can’t believe the illiteracy here. Did you guys only make it to grade 3, page 2?… Use spell check for gods sake!!!!!

  38. wave at each other? who gives a s*… maybe you should all keep your eyes on the road and try not to hit each other. i own a black h3… LOVE IT… traded my grand cherokee for it and i’m damn proud of the decision. i’m so happy with it the money doesn’t even phase me the least bit.

  39. Thom,

    I have an H3 and love it. I got a personalized plate for it especially for the benefit of assholes like you


    Happy now?

    Take your H1, stick it up your ass and fuck of while you’re doing it!

  40. I think the H3 is a step in the right direction for Hummer. With the rising cost of crude oil and consequently, higher fuel prices, the H3 is a great vehicle for people who want to drive a Hummer without paying a hundred bucks to fill it up. I plan on buying an H3 in the future. I can’t believe that some of you people are upset that Hummer has made a smaller version.

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  42. I just bought my Hummer H3 and WOW!!!!!!! I have the best of both worlds. An awesome SUV to cruise around @ our hunting camp in and it’s all mine. Eat your heart out guys!!!! The Hummer H3 fans are way above your league!!!!!

  43. I love my H2! I’ve been researching the H1; perhaps 2008 or ’10 I’ll be driving the H1. As far as comfort, off-road capability, and pure presence — nothing beats the Hummer! And as far as the gas milage argument; remember what Americans are fighting for — freedom. We’re free to live in a great country built on capitalism, and the will of the willing. Great pun. Vist me at to give me your opinion.

  44. People look at the H3 because the Landrover Defender 110 isn’t available. Who would ever want a gasoline vehicle when they could have a nice solid diesel anyway.

  45. Hey you dim-wits…HUMMER does not have a line-up of Hummers…Hummer makes (or will until the end of 2006) the H1 only….(Hummer also makes a duce and a half, a Five ton and busses) there is NO line-up….the H2 and H3 are offered by GM not HUMMER…GM bought the rights to the name and the 7 slotted grill…(7 slotted grill was a contention between Hummer and Chrysler who bought Jeep) …. H2 and H3 are GM’s line-up, NOT HUMMER’s….FUCK, are you people naive………… As mentioned in my original comment… H2 …It’s not a HUMMER, it’s a hand job….and the H3…Hmmm, what’s the point?

  46. In case you didn’t get or understand that last message…. H2 and H3 are NOT manufactured by HUMMER…. They are manufactured by General Motors….. Hummer has NOTHING to do with H2 and H3………

  47. I have read this entire forum and am shocked. Thom, after the better part of a year, you are still here cutting people down for their personal preference. It is quite pathetic and you should be ashamed….

    H3 Owner

  48. And you won’t see “AM General” (the real manufacturer of HUMMER) on the H2 or H3 either….take a guess why… BECAUSE AM GENERAL DOESN’T MAKE THE H2 OR H3…GM does………….

  49. “but for us diehard H1 owners, when the H2 came out, is hilarious and then the H3?I just fell off my chair laughing?.Why would anyone buy one of those things?Why?” – some unintelligent indivudual who posted a comment here previously…

    Why?! Because SOME people actually USE their SUV’s for off roading! It’s a sad fact that something like 85% of H2 owners never take them off the pavement! The H3, on the other hand, is much more capable and will be seen on the trail much more than the H2! The H2 is a suburban with a moderate lift kit and some cheap BFG tires made for people who want to pretend they go off-roading!

  50. can’t some one just actually like a vehicle without having to justify it over and over?

    Just bought an H3 because I like it.. Have had 20 SUV’s in my life, and after having a car for 3 years, decided to go back to one.Funny, no one complained when I drove suburbans, Broncos, Blazers, and Jeeps, all getting 12-16 MPG, but for some reason, driving a H3 getting around 20 mpg is a reason to hate me?

  51. I agree with Boyink 100% I too am a Wrangler owner. No kids but my Rottweiler has a hell of a time fitting. Just sold my 06 Wrangler with 5000 miles because the Hummer3 is simply a better vehicle.

  52. H3 owner, I had two Jeeps before the H3 and I’ll tell you from a stock point of view the H3 rocks like no other it kicks my friend’s Rubicon’s ass!!!.

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