By on August 9, 2005

One of the things I dislike doing as a developer is trying to solve a problem that I know has been tackled a million times. Most developers have jobs because not every software need is met by off-the-shelf software, but there are certain problems that are common enough, and have been around long enough, that someone has managed to just get the solution right. It’s a Solved Problem.

Recently, we got a project where a part of it was banner ad management on a web site, and I was very happy to find that ad management is a Solved Problem now as well.

phpAdsNew provides one of the most smoothest and most complete user experiences I’ve ever seen in a PHP app. The install was cake, and it implements every ad management option and feature I could think of (which was about 5 times as many as I needed for this project). Rather than blowing development hours crufting up some half-done solution, I have something that’s ten times better than anything I was going to make.

Brilliant piece of work, phpAdsNew guys.

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  1. I use it for several of my sites…actually, that’s a waste since you can install it on one domain and then put the code for ads on any other domain and have a central location to control all your ads.

    The one thing though that should be stressed is that this is NOT a intuitive piece of software and it’s power is also it’s bane at times. :) It does take some time to understand the underlaying methodology and how to manage clients, campaigns and individual ad units.

    But all in all it beats the pants off anything out there and it’s FREE.

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