Virtual Genetics and Madden 2006

By Deane Barker on August 9, 2005

‘Madden Football 2006’ delivers best hit yet: While hailed as revolutionary, Madden 2006 may be getting a little out of hand:

In Superstar mode, you create an NFL star from the very beginning of his career. And that means the very beginning. It starts by choosing from randomly generated parents, such as a former NFL quarterback father and a botanist mom.

The review is gushing, giving the game 9 stars out of 10.

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  1. Until i can inject a blood sample and have it read my dna so that I can prove that back in ’82, I could throw a pigskin a quarter mile, I will not be impressed.

  2. In the superstar mode, to jack up your points in training camp, for an offensive player, use a single back or shotgun streak play against field goal block defense, light them up every time.

    for a defensive player use 4-3 or goaline and do a full blitz against a FB fake, HB Toss, you can get your player in between the QB and HB to cause a fumble to take to the house everytime!

  3. your agent tells you to look at endorsement deals in the company tab of my web. WHERE IS IT? is it missing?

  4. i getting like 38 points a carry with my rb at practice (which is an A), 100+ yards a game with at least 1 td in superstar mode and my overall is decreasing. does ne1 know why? is there a online guide or somethin u guys can give me to learn how the point system works.?

  5. 06 is the best. there’s soo many options 2 choose from. has anyone gotten really far i’m only on 2nd season. i was j/w 2 c if there r ne surprises.

  6. How come at the prefessional institute, whenever i do the drills, my points earned aren’t permanent? Is there something i am doing wrong….or is that supposed to be how it is?

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