Apple Mighty Mouse

By Deane Barker on August 2, 2005

Apple – Mighty Mouse: Apple announces a multi-button mouse. Gosh, what an advance.

In the beginning, there was one button. Then there were two. Then there were clickable scroll wheels and programmable toggles and solid-state slides. But nobody made a mouse as easy to use as your Mac. Until now. Mighty Mouse combines the capability of a multibutton mouse with Apple’s signature top-shell design for the best of both form and function.

My gut feeling is that this was just hard for Apple to admit that it got it flat wrong for so many years. The only delay here was because of pride.

What’s going to irritate me is the rush of people who formerly evangalized the single-button mouse just because Apple endorsed it who are now going to rush to the multi-button mouse as if something has magically changed.

Update: Okay, there’s one cool feature: a touchpad/trackball thing built into the top of the mouse, so you can scroll around using just your finger. I’ll admit that’s pretty cool. Crap.



  1. The time was not right for Two Button Mouse. Only after the world proved itself capable of managing iPod’s control wheel did Apple realize their disciples were ready for level-two of Scrolling Mouse Technique. For such art, you must gather Qi to your fingertips. Then they can work independently of each other.

    PC users have employed Two Button Mouse, but without understanding. This has caused much suffering, and much good data was lost. It was wise to wait.

    Meanwhile, I am learning to control my Mac with a magic flute.

  2. What, no Bluetooth version? That’s just wrong.

    I wonder how long it will be until Apple bundles the Mighty with their computers, or if it will always be a $49 option.

  3. i’m rather enjoying the new toy.

    i’d like to be able be a little bit more versatile as to what i program the extra buttons to do (such as keystrokes, or macros), but they seem to have gotten it mostly right (although it wlll annoy people who want to use one mouse button while the other is already depressed). first os x, now this. next thing you know, they’ll have decent game support…

  4. you actually have to lift your index finger off the mouse while you click the right ‘button’!?! a speaker?!? – macs gimmicks belong in a home and for children – i cannot seriously vouch for mac in a professional environment. i am a big fan of apple and have been for years but am growing tired of these stupid products. if someone could mate osx with windows id be very happy.

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