IE7 CSS Support Still Sucks

By Deane Barker on August 1, 2005

IE7 CSS Updates: Mezzoblue has an update of the changes in IE7. Sadly, improved CSS support is pretty lacking.

Other than that? After running through Position Is Everything’s “Explorer Exposed” omnibus, it seems to me that the list of outstanding IE bugs remains long. Line-height bug? Not fixed. Border chaos? Chaotic as ever. Italic overflows? Still buggy. Doubled float margin? Nope. 3px jog? Nuh-uh. Escaping floats? No way.

And what about previously unsupported CSS2 properties? Have we got :hover support on any element other than a yet? Sorry. What about selectors? Same as ever. Could we at least ask for a bit of position: fixed? Keep wishing.

Acid2? IE6. IE7. Not a single pixel has changed.

Yeah, after four years of suspense, all we get is an alpha channel. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the IE team kept their mouths shut for a reason; they delivered what was promised, and nothing more.

Hopefully the finished version will be better. But I doubt it.



  1. Link from /. this morning:

    “I’m very happy that we’ve shipped IE 7 beta 1. I wanted to make it clear that we know Beta 1 makes little progress for web developers in improving our standards support, particularly in our CSS implementation. I feel badly about this, but we have been focused on how to get the most done overall for IE7, so due to our lead time for locking down beta releases and ramping up our team, we could not get a whole lot done in the platform in beta 1. However, I know this will be better in Beta 2 – and I want to share how we are placing our priorities in IE.”

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