“The Link”

By on July 31, 2005

I’m watching Stargate SG1 right now, one of my “guilty pleasures”, and one of the pieces of alien technology that SG1 has encountered in tonight’s episode is a little doodad that the locals call “The Link.” It looks like a little ‘C’ shaped piece of metal that attaches to the user’s left temple, and gives them access to a vast store of information; kind of like a Google search without a browser. Or a keyboard, monitor, or desktop.

Sounds like cool technology, right? Wouldn’t it be great to surf the ‘net without sitting in front of a computer? Well, not quite so cool in the story in this episode. The Link has a nasty habit of controlling the minds of the people wearing it.

Maybe this is just a bug in a beta version of the product. I’m sure it’d be a big hit once the bugs are worked out and it hits the market!



  1. Darn you, Insight! Why did you have to put SciFi on digital cable so I couldn’t watch it in the dorm!

    I need my Stargate fix…

  2. lol, i think the thing you are looking for is called WiFi?? and yes a link would be cool, imagine cheating on ur exams with one??!! A friend and I came up with an idea involving a hearing aid and a T-Loop system, I shant say anymore, because if you can’t figure the rest out then you will get caught using it..lol

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