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By Deane Barker on July 30, 2005

Teagames.com: This is a gallery of fun, little Flash games that are mini-physics simulations.

I like Funky Truck 4WD where you have to drive a monster truck with a really bouncy suspension in an low-G environment. All you can do is go forward, backwards, and tilt the truck either way.

There are a couple BMX games with the same concept. My 10-year-old really got into them — you have to consider the physics principles before you do anything.

But in the end, he liked Chuck best of all. Chuck is a guy that you have to…well, chuck. As far you can. Reminds me of Dismount, just less violent.

Via MetaFilter.

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  1. These games are the coolest. Every day, right after school I come home & play for hours. I play so much that my Dad tells me to get off. I am sure he will be glad when we get high speed enter net.

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