A Boy and His Camera Phone

By Deane Barker on July 28, 2005

I am so grateful that I live in a world where I can get pictures like the one here along with messages like this:

There is a frog on my window.

Yes, technology has truly delivered us from the Dark Ages. Advancements like this can do nothing but improve the human condition.

To respect this photographer’s privacy, I won’t tell you who sent this picture to me.

It was Joe.

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  1. What’s behind the frog in the window? I see the screen on the window, the frog clinging to the outside of the screen, and I’m assuming you snapped the photo from inside the window. It looks like a metallic tube; do you code from inside a fortified bunker far below the surface of the earth and have such tubes delivering fresh air to you?

    Deane, you really must learn to treat your employees better. Confining them to an underground dungeon is a bit much.

  2. Actually, my home office is in my basement, so this drama unfolded in my window well. The thing that looks like an ‘air vent’ is actually a big exercise ball that my son knocked down there.

    The window well is sort of like my own private zoo. Critters of various makes and sizes are always finding their way down in there and getting stuck.

    I was going to go get Renaldo out this morning and turn him loose in the yard, but it rained last night so he should be OK in there for a while.

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