By Deane Barker on July 27, 2005

Porsche announces four-door car: Blasphemy!

To be called the Panamera, the car will have four doors and four seats but will have a swooping, coupe-like profile. It will have a front-mounted engine driving the rear wheels. Pricing for the car, which is still under development, has not been announced.

What’s next, an SUV? Oh, wait

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  1. Man, as the owner of a great vintage Porsche, I am universally disappointed with the company and their current slate of products.

    When I was a kid there was this great poster and slogan “Porsche: compromise is for politicians.”

    How I wish that were still the outlook of the company, instead they chase a “greater market share” – and not of the sports car market. What is a 4 door Porsche, or an SUV if NOT a compromise. By their very definition those vehicles are compromises.

    What’s next is the Porsche minivan, and the devolving of a once great brand into an absolute joke.

  2. What’s next is the Porsche minivan, and the devolving of a once great brand into an absolute joke.

    It’s not as if someone like Porsche, or say, Saab, would ever build something like, oh, I don’t know, a Trailblazer.

    PS Deane, et al: The new Comment Preview simply rocks!

  3. That Saab minivan is nowhere NEAR as bad… not that it isn’t horrible – it is, but it is the result of a great car company being bought by a big congolmerate that didn’t truly understand its appeal and in efforts to wring more profit out of the affair commited this travesty. GM DID that TO Saab.

    The Porsche situation is gut-wrenching because they are doing it to THEMSELVES.

  4. I don’t know why all the whining about 4 doors. Yea yes, tradition and all that. but hey, the BMW M5 has been one of the faster production sedans for a while. why not wait and see? And after all, isn’t it all about the drive? Porsche has some talented engineering.

  5. if it wasn’t for the suv and the new models porsche would not even be in bussines anymore, the company almost went broke in the 90’s and now it’s doing better than ever it’s not only about marketshare

  6. I think it’s good, as pixelfreak mentioned the M5 – why wouldn’t porsche want a share of that market. Since the Boxster came out it has had a wealth of opportunity to expand it’s market.

    I think it’s great! Can’t wait to see proper pricing information though…

  7. Well, it still looks pretty sweet – a lot better than the Cayenne. I’m sure it would still leave many sports cars for dead.

  8. personally i think its a good idea to make diffrent types to get a greater market share, as long as they dont touch the 911 serie.

  9. It’s one thing to love a brand and remain insanely faithful to it, but when that brand loyalty stands in the way of reason you know it’s mania. In addition to being a brand that the world adores, Porsche is a corporation, a business entity and their raison d’etre is profit, diversifying their offering to include 4-dr models, especially when the coupes will continue to be produced, shouldn’t be a reason for a true Porsche lover to panic. How ridiculous was it when Coca Cola expanded their product range to Sprite and other non-colas like Fanta? My fellow Porschemaniacs, it’ll all be ok.

  10. As long as they still have the classic sportscar for the “true enthusiast,” let the family man have his fun as well. And at a price of aroun $150,000.00, its not like every private college frat boy is going to have one (like the Boxter), so that image of Porsche exclusivity will still remain.

  11. Ever drive a 5speed 928 gts? Front V8 for Porsche aint that new… This is going to be an Aston Martin eater..and the new m6 too. At least , that is the intent. Maybe they’ll have a coupe ala bmw 3 series???

  12. I drove a Cadillac CTS-V over the weekend — this is a regular CTS, but with the 400 HP LS-6 from the Corvette. I can vouch for the fact that a big V-8 and four doors equals a crapload of fun for a 34-year-old guy with three kids.

    911s are great, but I have a family and they don’t ride on the roofrack.

  13. A 4-door Porsche performance sedan to compete against the likes of the Maserati Quattroporte. Maserati has a history of making performace sedans, Porsche doesnt! The Cayenne was the start, the Panamera is next, afterwards a pickup variation of the Cayenne? There has even been a minivan somewhere along the new product development line dubbed the Varrera. Sad part if there will be a Cayenne pickup or Varrera minivan they probably will be huge sales hits like the Cayenne. Good for the company but not its reputation and image. What Porsche needs is a 928, a 4 seat GT coupe aimed at the Ferrari 612 and Bentley GT as well as a 944/968, an affordable sportscar aimed at cars such as the RX-8, 350Z, and GTO.

  14. As a 928 driver, I’ve always been hopeful of a car to capture my attention above the 911 (sorry guys, just never did it for me). I agree with PR… For porsche to capture the market segment that Aston Martin and the 4 seat Ferraris currently occupy.. a 4 door car just doesn’t cut it. As a surgeon in training I can say that I won’t spend 50k on a Boxster (which everyone seems to be driving) nor will I buy a new 911… for 20 thousand more I can have a Ferrari. My question is though.. why would I spend 120k on a 4 door car for lugging around the family? I’ll buy (at my wifes instigation of course…) a cheap station wagon or SUV for the family (why have a high speed accident that kills all of us..) and zip around in my sports car… And on that note, the performace difference has narrowed with the japanese imports… 4 doors! It degrades my opinon of the current product offering so much more…

  15. as a porsche fan,i am for innovation because stagnation of anything in life always results in eventual progress, survive in this highly competitive world,one must go forward, move, not stand still, and 911 is no doute a pioneer in its own right, but its not multipurpose. porscheneeds tocompete against ever growing brands which are producing high quolity cars in all sectores. porsche has to do the same if it whants to survive this “rat race” we are living in

  16. There is something most of us are forgetting. Companies make products to sell. THe marke tnow is dictating to Porsche that they expand their view to claw back against other manufacturers who are eating the Porsche segment of th emarket up greedily. Performance hungry youngster, now are mostly in their 40’s or older, with kids and grand kids, and they all want a ride in the family Porsche. And they want to be able to beat the rocket speed BMW’s. Its all about what sells, and what the market wants. If you are a Porsche purist, there is a place for you in a two door 911T. If you are a well moneyed family person, why not SUV or Sports Sedan? I cant wait for the panamera. The 928 just got real!

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