Faster Broadband Coming Soon

By Deane Barker on July 20, 2005

Super-speed broadband could arrive as early as ‘06: This would be nice. This would drop a full-length movie down to…five or six minutes, provided the upload was fast enough.

Broadband Internet access via TV cables will be able to hit 100 megabits per second as early as next year, 50 times faster than the average broadband speeds now offered to cable TV homes

Teleste […] and Cisco Systems, said it would early next year bring to the market its ethernet-to-home product, which will give consumers access to 100Mb/s speed.

This brings me back to a funny post somewhere a couple of years ago where some guy tried to prove that Big Media was paranoid for worrying about pirating so much. He recorded the SuperBowl into a 43GB file and tried to transfer it places — he tried to email it, tried to FTP it, etc.

The joke was that the file was too big to send anywhere. But I came away from reading that thinking, “Yeah, it’s too big now, but transmission speeds are going to get nothing but faster…”

Does anyone remember that bit and have a link to it?



  1. If you are talking about purely downloading movies 100Mb/s still might take awhile. All of this depends on how big these files end up being. Using your example of a 43GB file and roughly 10MB/s speed (I suspect in the real world it won’t be quite that fast, more like 8 or 9MB/s tops):

    43000MB / 10MB/s = 4300s 4300s / 60s = 71.67minutes 71.67minutes / 60minutes = 1.2hours

    Not exactly 5 or 6 minutes. Running the numbers in reverse for a 6 minute download at 10MB/s puts the file size at 3.6GB. All of this is under a pretty much optimal situation and is unlikely to really be that fast even if you do have a 100Mb/s connection.

    That’s it, we all need 1Gb/s or higher :-)

  2. I don’t know where that guy came up with 43GB. One hour TV shows in Hi-Def are about 350MB. I’m assuming that a full-length movie of the same quality would be less than 1GB.

  3. Most movie files I see are around 700MB, more or less depending on quality. At 100Mb/s you could have that in… about a minute? Bits to bytes… is that right? That’s ludicrous. I can’t eat a slice of pie in under a minute without looking gluttonous.

    But, as soon as bandwidth rises, the average file size will increase. A rising tide floats all boats. Even recently I’ve seen full DVD’s up on BitTorrent trackers 2 to 4, even 9GB in size for 2-disc sets! Nothing close to the 43GB of the Super Bowl movie. But a 4GB movie would take about 6 or 7 minutes, maybe, if my mental math is mathematical. That’s more than needed for a high-quality live video stream.

    My computer is already middle-aged.

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