The Air Car

By Deane Barker on July 19, 2005

The MDI Air Car: I don’t even remotely understand how this works (and the page about the engine didn’t help), but it’s apparently a car than runs on compressed air. Hyperbole abounds:

After twelve years of reserch and development, Guy Negre has developed an engine that could become one of the biggest technological advances of this century. […]

Compressed air is a new viable form of power that allows the accumulation and transport of energy.

The whole thing certainly looks impressive. Range is over 100 miles, and the car needs to be “recharged” for three hours overnight or three minutes at a “charging station” — a big air pump thing.

Via Metafilter.



  1. I read through the technical documents last month, and it’s nothing complicated – the car has a tank of compressed air that drives the engine just like it would drive any other air tool. I think that the engine is more like a jet engine. As I recall, you get about 100 miles to a tank of air and filling up is like filling a tire. It seems extraordinarily practical for short trips.

  2. I was at the store the other with my kids and I was looking at the remote control toys and there was a brand (Air Hog) that had planes and helicopters that ran off of compressed gas. I remember thinking: Hmm, wonder if they could make this work on a larger scale like a car?

  3. I too would be very interested in purchasing an air car. To my disbelief, however, the major car companies aren’t moving in this direction at all. Perhaps President George Bush had it wrong when he said that WE the consumers are addicted to oil. But Detroit certainly is. How about if they put their resources to work on this not so new concept? As a hostage of the oil and auto industry, I believe the compressed air engine is our liberation and breath of fresh air.

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