The Buzz Game

By Deane Barker on July 19, 2005

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The Tech Buzz Game is a fantasy prediction market for high-tech products, concepts, and trends As a player, your goal is to predict how popular various technologies will be in the future. Popularity or buzz is measured by Yahoo! Search frequency over time.

Predictions are made by buying virtual stock in the products or technologies you believe will succeed, and selling stock in the technologies you think will flop. In other words, you “put your play money where your mouth is.”

The field of desktop search is a hot market these days. Safari is up today, SQL Server is down. Here’s the RSS Reader market, which I find odd. Why is Bloglines so low? And what’s Hedline Viewer?



  1. I hate to turn into a complete Rails shill, but the top story in the ‘news’ section for the buzz game is a slashdot notice on Rails 0.13’s awesome AJAX mojo.

    Top story for PHP: “Error [Xoops]: Unable to connect to database in file class/database/databasefactory.php”

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