Do Anonymous Domain Registration Outfits Actually Work?

By Deane Barker on July 18, 2005

About anonymity …: Think you’re safe if you register your domain name “anonymously”? Apparently not:

Despite paying Domains by Proxy an additional fee to register anonymously, they responded to a letter from a personal injury lawyer, and canceled my registration without notifying me of a complaint. Let that sink in: a personal injury lawyer’s letter is all it took for DBP to cancel my anonymity. Furthermore, the attorney’s ignorance of Internet Law didn’t even phase Domains by Proxy. (I have a copy of the attorney’s letter and I know more about Internet law than he).

Boise State University Professor Janet Holmes, simply hired the lawyer to write a letter. That’s all. There was no subpeona. No chance of a case against me. Domains by Proxy never emailed me and never telephoned. They simply canceled the anonymity and my confidential information suddenly became available. My initials, my address, and my phone number became freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

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  1. We wanted to let the community know that Domains By Proxy is absolutely not in the habit of releasing it’s customers’ information without due process.

    While we are not at liberty to address the specifics of any individual situation, we can say that when our company is contacted about a domain held by one of our customers and registered with privacy, we go through the same process in every case.

    Once the complaint is received and processed, we levy an administrative fee against the registrant of the domain (as is stated in our agreement) and attempt to contact that registrant so that we can work with them to resolve the issue that is at the heart of the complaint. If the situation is resolved and the registrant is found not to be at fault, the administrative fee is refunded in full.

    If the registrant of the domain does not respond to our attempts to contact them and resolve the situation, we then reserve the right to remove the privacy from the domain.
    This is all covered within the user agreement that all registrants have to consent to prior to purchasing the service.

    Our business is built upon the confidentiality of the WHOIS information that we hold. This is something that we take very seriously.

    Douglas Preston Jr. Go Daddy Guy

  2. Since everybody is making suggestions, heres one. Save your money and just enter false info in the contact field, just make sure to pretend youre outside US/Canada. There is no way it will ever be found out, and if a dispute arises concerning ownership the hosting company will go by payment history, i.e. whose name is on the credit card.

  3. Or to play it safe, enter only initials as name, po box as address and skype phone as tel. number.

    Better yet register offshore where those laws do not apply.

  4. does anonymous domain the right way. They don’t ask for your data to begin with, so they cannot disclose it no matter what happens. The Godaddy service is not really a serious privacy service. It is just hiding the data while katz cannot hide data that they never asked for to begin with. They use a method that holds your domain in trust either in the USA or Singapore.

  5. When you are going to register a domain and want to stay anonymous, do not make the mistake by registering it in the USA!

    Register it outside the USA, otherwise everybody can send the registrar subpeona. Best if your anonymous registrar speaks another language. Makes things more complicated, say more expensive.

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  7. Where is the best place-company to register and host a domain name offshore, out of the USA with full privacy?

  8. You might want to register your next domain offshore and not in the US. There are tons of anonymous domain sellers but the fact is that they are – mostly – operate in the US.

  9. godaddy just cancelled service on; a freedom of info site; I’m now doing research on how to move all my domains ; over 100 to a company worthwhile.

  10. I can add to the GoDaddy comment. Our supposedly private data was made public on the basis of a UDRP complaint, which anyone can file, even if the outcome is not going to suceed. So if you want someone’s WHOIS data, file a UDRP complaint I guess.

  11. Do not use (Katz Global) at

    I place an order for an anonymous domain name, sent them payment via e-Bullion for $29.95 and never heard back from them. They never registered the domain name and took my money. I sent them countless of emails requesting either register the domain name or Full Refund…..NO REPLIES!!!!!!!!


  12. Im sick and tired of sellout companies that bend over soon as they get a shysters lawyer

    When you go offshore the services and products are better, and your privacy and confidential information is respected. These companies that betray our information are engaging in severe crimes and dont deserve any of our business

    911 was an insidejob – proof = 911 mysteries – watch for free on google video

  13. At the end of the day its got to cut both ways. I have just been on the end of the boot on the other foot i.e. a website registered under privacy stealing our copy. We cant get the privacy removed to take legal action.

    Somehow someone must create a clear protocol for these disputes but a general one just doesn’t seem to exist.

  14. I hosted my anonymous domain with and they started ti have issued with spamhouse and also getting letters from authorities. There was no talk about suspending my domain. They found a solution how to get around spamhouse IP range blacklisting and as to the letters… I think they just ignored them. My domain with copyrighted stuff is still on the air. All is good.

  15. I hosted my anonymous domain with and they started ti have issued with spamhouse and also getting letters from authorities. There was no talk about suspending my domain. They found a solution how to get around spamhouse IP range blacklisting and as to the letters… I think they just ignored them. My domain with copyrighted stuff is still on the air. All is good. And to those who register anonymous domains, they never ask for any personal info from you. If the do then it is not an anonymous domain. Simple.

  16. I had an anonymous domain at First year went fine. Next year I paid on time and I got a receipt from them for renewal so payment went fine. But then the domain was blocked and later sold to someone else. I emailed them with what was wrong many times but never got an answer. I ended up losing my domain without any notice. There was no abuse since I had not yet used my email account and not yet installed a website.

    Another time I used a unknown Turkisch anonymous registrar. I registered several years at once. They took my money, and registered the domain for only one year. When checking the registration and contacting them about it they had trouble speaking englisch and the issue always marked as solved on their website while it was not solved. I kept asking and suddenly I was told to get lost in perfect englisch.

    How do you know which registrar to trust?

  17. Maybe GoDaddy is the entity which needs to get the subpoenas – like about 50 $10 Million dollar law suits for false advertising and invasion of privacy. Then they can pay their own legal hacks $400 an hour to wave their bogus client agreements at a jury.

  18. Godaddy is the worst to deal with, they cancelled my domain and made me loose thousands on my website being shut down. They didn’t have the decency of sending me an email telling me that this was going to happen. Right before they shut me down, they sent me several emails to renew all my domains and once I paid and renewed they suspended my domain. Never do business with Godaddy!

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