SpreadFirefox.com Hacked

By Deane Barker on July 15, 2005

Spread Firefox Downtimex: Talk about a high-profile hack among geeks

It appears that a part of Spread Firefox was hacked in an attempt to use it to send out spam. It doesn’t look like the attacker accessed any personal data on the site, but to be safe, we’re encouraging all of our users to log in and change their passwords.



  1. Yeah, turns out it was running an unpatched Drupal. It’s been in the news lately for its server problems and fundraising drive for new hardware.

    One of my Drupal installations was hacked, too. They didn’t manage to do anything, but I caught hell from the admin.

    It’s too bad. Drupal is a great CMS. Right now, I’m working on a Google Sitemap module for it as part of the Google Summer of Code.

  2. Does Drupal hash the passwords stored in the DB? I know, I know, for best security precautions I am changing my passwords regardless, but it does provide a little bit more peace of mind knowing that my stolen password might have been hashed vs. clear text.

  3. I thought only Microsoft software was not secure and able to be hacked. Patched version?? What do you mean? Isnt Microsoft the only software that needs patching? I mean, thats what everyone is always whining about. OH… I see, hypocrites will usually whine about one thing and not another of the same. Hmmm.. OK.

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