The Internet is S**t

By Deane Barker on July 9, 2003

The internet is s**t: Worth reading:

” …look what we’ve done with [the Internet]. Food wrappers and soap operas now tell us to visit their websites. Money is pumped online by people who can’t even spell HTML. All manner of pointless and irritating content is continually poured down the infinite hole of data, unfiltered and over-appreciated. In accepting freedom of speech, we can’t hide from its consequences – which in this case is millions of terabytes of unreliable information, badly designed and clumsily written. We have failed our own creation and given birth something truly awful. We’re just too busy cooing over the pram to notice.”



  1. From the quote you posted (I haven’t read further yet), apparently the internet was supposed to be an elitist playground for the technically inclined. I have to believe that the first people to move to California felt the same way. “This place was cool until we told people about it and they wrecked it.”

    I guess I’ll go coo over my pram. (Whatever that means.)

  2. “Pram” is English for baby carriage. Read the whole this, it’s worth it. Makes you think. I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, but it’s worth reading.

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