Junxion Box

By Deane Barker on July 13, 2005

Junxion, Inc.: You can run a WAP off a cell phone card. This means you could sit out in the great wide open somewhere, plug in, and create a wireless network on the fly.

  1. Insert a cellular PC Card modem into your Junxion Box
  2. Connect to the Junxion Box using Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  3. Access the wireless Internet or share a local area network

Lan party in the park? Sixty m.p.h wireless network convoy to Vegas? Only $700.

You could use it to help your friends get in shape. Fire it up, then every 15 minutes, sprint at full speed to a spot about 400 yards away. To stay connected, they have to keep up.



  1. Beleive it or not cellular routers are nothing new – in-fact there are quite few cellular routers that are currently available on the market beside the one from Junxion. Here are a few more:

    C-Tek Skyrouter – Industrial enterprise grade $1295 radio included Has lots of inputs for industrial controls

    Proxicast LAN-Cell – Industrial enterprise grade $895 radio included Has VPN. Believe this is the orignal cell router

    Alliant Networks – More SOHO $599 + PCMCIA card radio Have been bought by Broadcom and shut down

    Possio PX30 – SOHO unit from Europe $795 + radio

    Kyocera KR1 – SOHO coming 12/05 – priced at $190 + PCMCIA radio Trial balloon shown at the CTIA show

    Motorola Cellular Residential Home Gateway – Shown at CTIA 2005 This unit is being sold in Brazil now but may come to the US

    MultiTech – Showed one at the CTIA show

    Digi Int DigiConnect – Currently only EDGE but will have EVDO soon

    China Top Global – The make the routers that “EVDO Coverage” sells

    Soekris Engineering – This the Junxion Box, just add cards & linux See the Stompbox website at http://moro.fbrtech.com/~tora/EVDO/index.html

    Also, rumors have it that many cellular phone manufacturers have cellular routers in the works and will be selling them through the cellular carriers in the winter of 2005-2006.

    Shop carefully each of these products are different and have different pluses and minuses. Some are better than other for certain applications. I would be sure to contact all the manufacturers and discuss your application needs with their sales reps.

    Cellular routers are a very tricky thing. Ask about demo hardware or trial policy. Actually check out how each product works in the field. Don’t just assume that because you saw it on a web site that it is going to work for you and your application.

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