The Spartan Life

By Deane Barker on July 13, 2005

Halo Talk Show: This guy has set up a talk show within Halo 2 where he interviews people and…defends himself.

The “talk show in game space” takes place inside an open multiplayer game of Halo 2. As Damian Lacedaemion interviews his guests he takes out the occasional intruding, and clueless players when they show up and start shooting at them.

It’s a very cool concept and I absolutely love how Lacedaemion talks through both the interview and narrating his kills with an equally melodious voice.

Here’s the site, but it’s essentially a bunch of big images. Strange.



  1. Click on ‘Episodes,’ the ‘Module’ arrows to watch. Quicktime mp4 files.

    I have this sort of uncertain sense of awe watching these. Particularly with Bob Stein as a first guest. Eerily appropriate choice for an interview.

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