Twelve Hours in a Ford GT

By Deane Barker on July 12, 2005

Detroit to New York in the Ford GT: This is perhaps the prototypical “dream assignment” for a writer:

The people at Ford Motor Co. asked me to do them a little favor. They needed someone to drive a Ford GT — America’s Ferrari, the Motown Millenium Falcon — from the company’s Detroit-area headquarters to New York City.

I love that — “Motown Millenium Falcon.” The local Ford dealer was able to secure one of these for the big auto show here in town this year. I stood next to it, and it came up to about waist high on me (I’m 6’4”). They popped the engine cover, and you could see where the car was essentially a big, thick frame with stuff hung on it. I imagine you could pull the body and interior off it and run it with just the frame.

Sadly the writer runs into a problem pretty quickly:

Practicality is a sore spot, even allowing for the car’s “speed-is-everything” nature. There’s no trunk, not even a glove box. There’s just a space under the hood that, on my trip, barely managed a toiletry kit. Tiny cargo nets behind the seat will hold your stack of speeding tickets, but not much else.

Here’s a hint: dig through your luggage and extract some clean underwear. That’s all you’re gonna need.



  1. ooo, I want one! As does every guy though. But, the writer does make some good points about the car and the space that you are given. And really, what person that purchases that type of car is going to really care about the space you are given. It’s about the need for speed and a beautiful drive =p

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