By Deane Barker on July 11, 2005

AFLAX: Flash developers are striking back against Ajax with Aflax: “Asynchronous Flash and XML.” They’re slinging heavy FUD.

AJAX, especially at the level of Google Maps, is very difficult to get right. If you’ve got a large team and plenty of dollars, it can be done — then you have to worry about the browser. Deploying to Flash eliminates most of these issues, and allows you to go places AJAX has a hard time going: mobile devices.

Ajax does steal some of the Flash spotlight. Being able to do HTTP calls out of Flash movies was always a big selling point for that type of thing.



  1. I’ve got a former co-worker from 2001-2003 who is probably pretty pissed about the whole AJAX thing. I can hear him now, “Flash has been able to do that all along!” He was a big-time Flash advocate and always pushing it for solutions to problems we were having with a site. He was finally given a chance and then proceeded to build every UI widget from scratch. Three months later, he still didn’t a have finished product and most of his widgets didn’t implement standard functionality. After getting fed up with him, I built and implemented a solution using XML data islands, XSL and the MSXML parser. He didn’t last much longer after that. I never doubted the power of Flash, only his wisdom to try and rebuild everything from scratch.

    By the way, the AJAX comment preview is pretty nice!

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