Terms of Service

By Deane Barker on July 11, 2005

I wrote a Terms of Service. Yes, it’s true — we finally have an official document governing your relationship with this site. You can sleep soundly tonight, my friends…

I know the idea sounds silly, but some things have happened to make me think it’s a good idea to have one of these around. I was tempted to just copy and paste one from somewhere else, but that seemed pointless. I figured if I was going to subject everyone to a TOS, I was at least going to write it myself.

The result is probably pretty interesting to read. It’s basically a huge exercise in stating the obvious, but that’s was a TOS is generally isn’t it? It says what I want it to say without any lawyer-speak and without being too insulting or paranoid. I hope that in making it accessible and readable, I haven’t stripped out any of the legal force. For that matter, I hope this document has legal force to begin with.

It’s here: Gadgetopia’s Terms of Service and Disclaimer. Don’t everyone pull a muscle or anything rushing to click on that link.



  1. Fair enough.

    In your conclusion section #1, your last line doesn’t appear to be correct: “While The Staff tries to publish accurate information, they can’t everything on this site is correct.”

    Just trying to help…

  2. Hmmm…. terms of service, sounds okay to me.

    If you folks keep us the great work, I promise to lessen the number of “flat land” South Dakota jokes (from your Minnesota neighbor)!

  3. I promise to lessen the number of “flat land” South Dakota jokes (from your Minnesota neighbor)!

    Here, I’ll take the first shot:

    Q: Why is the wind so strong in South Dakota?

    A: Because Minnesota sucks.

    Ho, ho, ho. Now that’s humor. (Formatting of this comment brought to you by Markdown)

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