Rails Video

By Deane Barker on July 10, 2005

How to build a blog engine in 15 minutes with Ruby on Rails: I haven’t watched this all, but it’s a video of the Rails guy showing you how to build a blogging platform on Rails in 15 minutes. It sounds like it was a conference presentation that he recorded.

Based on what I’ve read about Rails this weekend, 15 minutes is slow. Yes, there are other frameworks that could do it in 15 minutes too, but with Rails, you have an architecture that’s as close to textbook-perfect as you can get.

With what Rails spits out, there’s no kuldge, no workarounds, no stuff you promise to go back and clean up. It’s like Grady Booch himself sat down and wrote a bunch of code for you. And Grady Booch knows how to write some code.



  1. They only used a blog as an example. It was amazing to see this produce perfect results from scratch in 15 minutes. Really from sratch, as in it was installed completely and some code written and you have a basic blog in 15 minutes.

    What amazed me was that this was just the basics. I could see myself designing a DB creating some front end pages for it, throwing in some navigation in about an hour. Then coming along and refining it to look like my own web app. Talk about fast development.

  2. Good, Deane. I can sense the curiosity flowing through you! Embrace the Ruby and your journey to the dark side will be complete!

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