By Deane Barker on July 10, 2005

DreamAuthentics: I simply must have one of these. Right now, it ranks right up there with air, water, and food.

I was in a pool and spa store where in Sioux Falls and played on one like it — it was a stand-up arcade cabinet with a Windows PC running and a full joystick and button set-up. It had hundreds of games loaded into it that you could pick from a menu. Just about every single game from the 80s was in there.

I forgot the name of that manufacturer, but I found this one when I went looking for it tonight. You can customize the controls, from joysticks to trackballs to flight sticks to whatever. The basic cabinet runs about $6,000 — with monitor and “DreamAuthentics Game Inferno CPU.”

The mere thought that this thing exists and I don’t have one is causing me acute physical pain.

Warning: the page at the link above contains perhaps the most annoying Flash header in the history of the Web. It hits you with really loud music on every page load and even when you hit the “Sound On/Off” link, it still butts in with some stupid techno sound effect every 10 seconds or so.

To get around this, click the link, then click the “Stop” button on your browser before the Flash loads completely. If you don’t hit “Stop” soon enough, just hit “Refresh” then “Stop” right away. Repeat this little shindig on every page you visit.

These people should shoot whoever designed this Web site for them.



  1. We built something like this a couple of years ago for the Thirties birthday of a close friend (which times it back 7 years). Guess I can find some pics of it somewhere. Maybe we can claim royalties?

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