Kuroshin’s Unfortunate Search Engine Placement

By Deane Barker on July 9, 2005

Chopped into timy peices: the “F_ck N_talee Holl_way” hate mail: Kuroshin published a story a few days ago entitled “F_ck N_talee H_lloway” (I’m cloaking those words because I don’t want to get anywhere near this trainwreck).

I read the story when it first hit my aggregator, and I think the gist was that N_talee was just one person and why don’t we care just as much about everyone that disappears? I believe there were some veiled insinuations about racism, given that she’s fair-skinned and blonde-haired and missing on foreign soil.

Anyway, Kuroshin had the misfortune of getting fantastic search engine placement for this story. The results haven’t been good for them.

It is already the 2nd highest-ranked link on a Google search for “n_talee”.

Searching for her full name shows her official missing persons site 1st and our link as 2nd.

As such, the administration at K5 has received more hate mail than ever before.

They reprint the mail they’ve received about it. It’s not pretty. (Please, if you link to this post, don’t use the girl’s name.)