The Never Ending Fall

By on July 5, 2005

This Flash animation of a two-dimensional female manikin forever falling through a two-dimensional sky filled with two-dimensional bubbles is pretty amusing to watch, but at times somewhat disturbing (Ouch! Is the neck supposed to bend like that?) If nothing else, it’s a good demonstration of what can be done with Flash.

Be warned; the manikin is wearing only a black string bikini, so it may be considered NSFW, depending on where you work.



  1. Here’s my luck: I clicked…she fell for all of 2 seconds and then got caught in a corner made by the balls and then just sat there. Fun stuff.

  2. Yeah, this is disturbing, but I think it’s just because it’s a woman. I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t find it so creepy if it were a man.

    I think it’s because you expect them to use a man, just because the male figure is generally considered to be the generic human. But they specifically made it a woman. Why?

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention, if she gets stuck, you just click on a body part and drag her around to get her unstuck.

  4. if she gets stuck, you just click on a body part and drag her around

    Yeah, that’s what I do with my wife too. You know, when she gets stuck between giant bubbles and stuff.

  5. I don’t know why, but I find it amazing hypnotic. Plus it’s fun to try and pull her through bubbles that obviously shouldn’t allow her to fit through.

  6. Yeah, that’s what I do with my wife too.

    That’s more than any of us needed to hear about. Is your wife comfortable with you sharing that sort of thing with strangers?

  7. If you grab her by her arm and whip her back and forth, you can see that her arm separates from her shoulder by a few pixels.

    I’m a bad person.

  8. And if you grab her by the head and pull her through a really tight spot you can see the same separation between her head and neck. Then, if you let go when she finally pops through that tight spot she’ll really fly. Until she meets up with the next bubble.

    I’m a really bad person. Stop me before I kill.

  9. It was really made as a test for flash with the use of ragdoll physics but if you squash her real tight parts of her body come off then rejon as soon as you let go!

  10. This game is pretty cool just to watch. But i mean it is quite disturbing none the less. I want one for my website with my head on it!! that would be awesome!!

  11. Is there a chance of making this with your own body?? I have some Basic Skills in Flash and I would try to make something like that

  12. Lol yeh it is me again.. I can’t turn it into a screensaver but i can turn it into a desktop, but man does that eat up RAM! u need to download the .swf to ur pc, embed it into a HTML document and then apply it as ur desktop bg.

    Download the .SWF by clicking on the link above and *Save target as…. ok then open up note pad and paste this code : Untitled Document

    then save it as anything.HTML , browse for this .HTML file in ur thingy for selecting ur desktop picture. OK cool?? lol

    I cant help helping!! lol

  13. Found one. Originally made with Bush? I doubt that. The woman’s limbs & figure look like they were built for Flash, but Bush’s face & suit look like they are just pasted on.

    But I suppose if you’ve ever wanted to see nasty things happen to the President, this is a good option.

  14. Haha! This is hilarious :) But boring after a while and the girl looks like trash xD I would like it better without the bubbles. Too many and they get annoying.

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