By Deane Barker on July 2, 2005

Copilot: coming soon from Fog Creek Software: The guys over at Project Aardvark finally spilled the beans as to what they’re really up to. They’re apparently hot-rodding Windows Remote Assistance.

[…] a service that lets you help your friends, relatives, and customers fix their computer problems over the Internet. Built on a VNC core, Fog Creek Copilot sets itself apart from other remote assistance software and services in its simplicity and ability to work through any home or office firewall without having anything to install or configure. Fog Creek Copilot uses invitation codes to connect a helper to a user in need of assistance in order to fix any problems remotely by “copiloting” his or her computer.

They had to talk soon because they’re demoing the product at CFUnited this weekend.



  1. They state explicitly (and you quote) they are using VNC and not “Windows Remote Assistance”

  2. Well, that would be nice. Remote Assistance seemed like a good idea, but it usually ended up that I spent too much time trying to lead people through disabling their firewall than it was worth.

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