Cheap, Cheap Storage

By Deane Barker on June 30, 2005

I just need to point out an obvious fact: hard drive space has gotten ridiculously cheap.

I just took delivery of two 300GB drives that I got from New Egg for $132 each. That’s 44-cents per GB. I remember when storage dropped under $1 per GB, everyone thought that was amazing.

What’s the best deal you’ve gotten lately?



  1. I just got two 200 gig maxtors for 140 bucks from…limit is 1, just ordered a couple days apart. Free shipping. no rebates!

  2. Of course there were days when a dollar a meg was a dream (and other milestones before that). Wow.

  3. I’m showing my age but I got into compters when the DEC PDP series minicomputers were the rage and a 25MB (yes, I said 25MB) drive cost about $50,000 and was the size of a washing macine.

  4. Anyone remember that 200 GB HD deal on Dell last year? I was one of the lucky few to get in on that.

    Dell had a 200 GB HD for $222 with a $100 mail in rebate. Three days before that rebate expired they released another $100 mail in rebate by accident. Since the 2 rebates overlapped, I got $200 off. At first Dell wasn’t gonna honor it, but the people sounded their dissapointment and Dell gave in, free shipping and all.

    That worked out to $0.11 per gig.

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