The Value of Bill’s Home

By Deane Barker on June 30, 2005

I was reading the Wikipedia entry for Bill Gates, and I stumbled across this tidbit about his home:

According to King County public records, as of 2002, the total assessed value of the property (land and house) is $113 million, and the annual property tax is just over $1 million.

One hundred thirteen million dollars? Let’s put that in perspective for those of us that live in Sioux Falls. Here are the top three most valulable properties in Sioux Falls, according to the latest tax assessments:

For those that don’t live in Sioux Falls, The Empire Mall is a decent size mall for any community. The largest in a 200-mile radius at least.

So, no matter which way you cut it, $113 million dollars is an insane amount of money for a home. More than the $90 million estate in the Hamptons that Dave wrote about last week. Almost four times as much as the $32 million home Jerry Seinfeld bought from Billy Joel.

And, alas, more than my home, last time I checked.

(Note: I stole the above image from this page. There are some more good shots of the house there.)

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  1. The price tag is what shocks you? Did you miss the part about >$1 million per year in property taxes? For a private home???

  2. That reminds me of when one of the local business moguls (Max Pasley) built a multi-million dollar home in Sioux Falls back in the ’70’s (back when a million dollars was an outrageous amount to spend on residential property.) The uproar over that was a bit amusing; people were concerned that the place would end up as a white elephant for the city if the owner ever decided to move elsewhere or died and his heirs didn’t want to keep it. Nobody else in the area would be able to afford to buy it, and it would become a burden on the taxpayers. I haven’t heard of what’s happened with that place; Deane?

    What will Seattle do with their white elephant when Bill kicks the great bit bucket?

  3. Pasley’s house is still there. You used to be able to catch a glimpse of one of the turrets from Southeastern drive, but the trees have grown too high now. He donated a couple dozen acres out the back for the new Pasley park, where the big softball complex is.

  4. Bill gates changed.. he use to be the well respected software developer from harvard.. now Bill gates is just a greedy monopolist. Trying to increase market share so he can live in gigantic houses.

  5. yeah, I’d respect him much more if he lived in a smaller, less expensive home. $113 million is too much. Here’s the scale that would work for me:

    $100 million home: I don’t like the person $50 to 100 million home: they’re too greedy and ostentatious $10 to 50 million home: mainly envious, but they must be a rock star, which is cool. $1 to 9 million home: I’d like to be their friend. I wonder how I can get in on that kind of cash. $250k to 1 million home: I would like these people, and this is in my comfort zone. below $250k home: what’s wrong with these folks? Don’t they know how to make dough?

    I think it’s important to have these kinds of scales throughout ones life.

  6. who gives a rats ass!! I would have the same house if i was bill gates…………..assclowns

  7. I’m sure he has some valuable art and technologies that would value the total worth of the house over $250 million.

  8. There’s a house a mile up the road from me, currently the most expensive house in the world. At £75million (US$130million).

    I know it has heated driveways which seems a bit mad.

  9. wow, i was just randomly browsing the web and found this site…..My brother-in-law just purchased the Pasley house in Sioux Falls. So, yes, it still is there…..its over 11,000 sq. ft.

  10. I just took a dinner cruise last Friday and we passed right by the place–it doesn’t look like the picture anymore. The trees planted right along the shoreline have grown much taller now and it’s difficult to see most of the house.

    You know you’re insanely rich when you can purchase some of the most desirable waterfront view property in your area and then plant a bunch of trees which block your view. Of course, Bill has all of those flat-panel screens on his walls, so he can turn on whatever view he wants to have.

  11. You think he’s greedy? Maybe, but you also have to remember that Bill Gates is the world’s most generous philanthropist, with a charity that he and his wife have endowed with over 7 billion dollars. He donates more to education, health care, poverty, etc than any other person on the planet.

  12. I would love to spend a day with Bill Gates. I wonder what is it like to be the richest person on Earth. Thanks Bill Gates for Windows and thanks for the charity work that you do. Keep it going Champion..

  13. To G: Uh huh sure— he purchased that house? And what does he do? Liar lol. Why do people have to lie? Geez.


  15. When you struggle to get by and make ends meet. It can be frustrating. EVERYONE OF US have the possibilities for Riches. I have no problem what so ever with a person enjoying the fortunes they have. A person will struggle to get a business going, maybe even lose everything they have in order to obtain Riches. They will grow there fortunes. They will enjoy the fortunes. Make more money and Grow even bigger and bigger in the world of wealth. As this happens friend will abort you. People will hate you and it is a cycle of growth that will be hard to endure. The cycle of building a fortune. You will proceed with your dreams make more money etc. Government will tax and investigate you because you are make just too much money. Everything around you will hate and try to destroy your success. Who are your real friend now? His home is his means of escape, it must be big, must have somewhere to go. Mr. Gates and just a normal human on this earth like any other, just have more wealth. Why must we hate people with money, your hate to the people are what keeps you from success in your own life. Yes the rich get richer, but so could you. I hate shoveling snow and would heat my driveway if I could. More positive power to ya Bill

  16. if i had that much money i would give all the people in dungannon it except the porto and just give everyone a millon even thow you earn $600,000 a mouth

  17. There is a house across the road from mym uncle in canada which is meant to be up to $300,000 and that the dearest house in the world

  18. for all ya hater out there .. shut the hell up . it ‘s no surprise that you heat bill . beause all ya heater jealous .. i’ll bet , if ya hater have even just 10 billions , ya heater would biuld the damn house big and more expensive than Bill. \

    PS… shut the hell up.. Fuc@#$%%&King hater………

  19. Dear Mr. Gates, you are so lucky and it was definitely your time to make it big. You are so rich you can feed the world. I am 45 without a child and wish I could afford to adopt one. Can you help me? Seems like you’ve been helping everybody else. How about me Sir. Ah, you’ll never read this anyway. Thanks. Tina.

  20. You guys don’t understands ‘bills’ money. I sat here reading, You guys saying terrible things to bill and i’m thinking these people are ‘haten’ on bill. Bill is not greedy. And yes you may think hes greedy because he has “$100 MILLON DOLLAR HOUSE”. The only reason he has a million dollar house is because he has to live in safe envoirement were no poperazzi can flash him. Now if You had a $90bn and Your worth $40-45bil, You Would try or actually put you and your family in a nice neighborhood.

  21. Well..who is against his house and its price, simply is an envious! Whats the problem if Bill Gates have sufficient money to purchase a house of $113 millions? Bill Gates is a great businessman, he have his own money and can use it on his own way! How much idiots here and around all world are worried with his life and his money? Ah..stupids!

  22. If I would have sufficient money, I would buy a house of $1 Billion…what?s the problem? NONE!! Idiots…

  23. the greatest man who walked the earth who had no where to lay his head but was full of joy and contentment said ;; a mans life consist not in the abundance of things he posess fair play to bill gates hope he does not forget his maker

  24. I don’t think having a 100 million dollar home for someone with a bank account the size of Bill Gate’s should be called greedy considering the fact that accounts for a insanely small amount of his worth. That would be like calling someone who buys a $500 car home greedy if they make $50’000 a year.

    In reality Bill Gate’s Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has $32 Billion of endowments with a large part of the donations being from his own fortune. If you think Bill Gates owes you something (which he probably doesn’t) why not get up off the computer stop crying about not having enough money and take advantage of the various scholarships and educational programs that his foundation offers and millions of other organizations that do. Bill Gates made his money doing not sitting around pouting about being broke and other people being worth more then him.

  25. cummon guys!!if he can afford it then why not?what shud he do with all that money?swim in it??might as well use it for summin good!! good man billy-g!!!u guys never helpd him make the money so dont hate him!!

  26. Man everyone commenting on how much his house cost. Yeah its a lot and there is a difference between greedy and spending it because you can. Look at how much bill gates has given back to the world. Far more than the price of his house. He is going to give away almost everything by the end of his life but look at the people who own wal mart. They only gave thousand in charities and built a bomb shelter in case we have like a big war so you tell me about money and who is greedy. If you ever got hit on a big war our money would mean nothing but look at the owners of Walmart they seem to think so. Go watch the documentary on WalMart it will tell you. It’s not what you have its what you give and Bill has gave a lot. The computer you guys are blogging about this on was possible because of this man. Think about it. He played a big role in computers so are guy dumb or don’t realize what you are saying. This guy is smart with money and helps the world respect this man and the other few like warren buffet who are helping the world with their money. Most people who make it rich don’t have the heart to do so. How many people give scholarships away with their money. If he was all about money he would give that much money away but this guy really cares about the future of the world so i think guy should embrace him instead of judge him for having a nice house.

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