Keyword Analysis Tool

By Deane Barker on June 29, 2005

Keyword density analyzer, and keyword placement & prominence analysis: This is an awfully well-done keyword analysis tool. Input a URL and (optionally) a keyword you’re trying to hit on, and this thing will analyze the URL every which way but Sunday.

I tried to summarize all the options, but there’s just no way. This tool does so much, with or without specifying a keyword. It’ll make you look at your pages in a whole new way. It shows you:

  • total words in the page
  • total unique words in the page
  • all the meta
  • words in the heading tags (H1, etc.)
  • words in the ALT attributes
  • words in bold and italics
  • words in linktext
  • all the separate words; their count; their percentage of the total words; and flags for if they appear in the keywords, title, headings, or linktext
  • repeated word phrases with all the same information as above
  • and if you specify a keyword to look for, it will drill down to show you every single instance of that keyword and where it appears

The biggest page that the free version will analyze is 40KB. Members ($49 a year) can analyze anything.

This is one to add to your toolbox.



  1. I use often this tool to analyse my webpages. I really like it. I found only two drawbacks:

    • I feel it cannot recognise well the ‘3 word phrases’

    • if you analyse a page rich of keywords you can get a message like this: “659 keywords found with density between 2.0% en 15.0%” that is somehow confusing

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