“Pay Me Or The Mac Gets It!”

By on June 28, 2005

Some guy, supposedly a poor college student, is holding an old Mac SE for ransom. He’s set up a website where you can PayPal him money to save the thing or burn it. So far, the balance is in the Mac’s favor, but there’s not much money there yet, so the tide could turn quickly.

What do you think? Burn it or save it?

Link via AppleFritter.com

Update: My apologies to those who clicked the original link that I posted; the link now points to the website and not just the overly-large image.



  1. Since the guy has only received $2.50, I say the bigger question is, “Does anyone care?” It’s a Mac for goodness sakes. The biggest problem with it is that it’d take so much work to make it a potted plant holder.

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