Solution to Global Warming — Tiny Orbiting Umbrellas

By on June 27, 2005

One idea being floated by scientists to slow global warming is the creation of a ring containing either small particles or spacecraft that would orbit the Earth. The ring would act to shade the tropical part of the globe thereby cooling the warmest part of the planet.

In the newly outlined approach, reflective particles might come from the mining of Earth, the Moon or asteroids. They’d be put into orbit around the equator. Alternately, tiny micro-spacecraft could be deployed with reflective umbrellas.

I don’t really see this going anywhere, but if global warming continues and people living in coastal areas see their homes disappear into the sea because of melting ice caps I imagine we’ll hear more about it.



  1. And what happens if they overestimate how many parasols are needed, and people in coastal areas find their homes crushed by pack ice?

    I think this is something we hadn’t ought to even be thinking about messing with at all; we have no way of knowing what long term effects it might have. For all we know, the whole “global warming” thing may just be part of a larger climate cycle, and anything we do to “fix” something is likely to backfire. Badly. People haven’t kept records long enough to know what is “normal” for planetary climate; for all we know — for sure — man’s influence on the climate may be relatively minimal, and the things that most people assume are causing global warming are purely coincidental.

    I’m as concerned about the environment as the next guy, but I seriously doubt that we know all there is to know about how this planet works and what needs to happen to “fix” a problem that might not even be a problem.

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