Boat, Car, or Plane? Hydro-Foam

By on June 26, 2005

Now this looks like it could be a blast — a remote control vehicle that looks like a racing boat, but besides being able to be piloted on either water or dry land (without refitting) — it also flies! Take a look at the video of the thing in action (higher-resolution version here.) I’m sure the guys flying the things in the video have a fair amount of experience with them, but they sure make it look like fun!

Not much of a web presence for it yet, but it sounds like there are plans to start manufacturing and marketing the thing. I for one hope it does well; I’ll likely even buy one! I know, I’m a grown man and I shouldn’t be so fixated on “toys”, but you know what they say about all work and no play. And I guess this is one of the perks of having three male children at home; it’s my duty to buy things like this “for the boys” but I get to play with them too!



  1. I think id take 2 or 3, I remeber remote controlled planes, cars, etc i had when iw as a kid, they put up a decent fight but inevitably somethign broke.. and there was nowhere where u could either get it fixed, get another battery, get a new part etc..

  2. Mike C. is going to make a killing. He should be incorporated and go public, I know i would buy stock.
    Can’t wait to get one, as long as it isn’t too much

  3. When and if you sale these please let me know so I can purchase one of these for my son and my husband.

    I really hope you make them affordable and don’t charge an out rages amount of money for us all to enjoy something like this.

  4. Know what? This thing would work full sized.. (meaning that if you scale it up !! this could be a really cool transportation vehical) Or something just to go messing arround in.

    Think about it.. Damn i wish i had the plans for this thing..

  5. I doubt this would work as a full-sized vehicle; it would need to be incredibly light weight and require a lot of power. The link provided by Patrick above says that the model would require a 2 to 1 power to weight ratio, and I think that’s nearly impossible for something that will be carrying people. Then you’d have the FAA AND the NHTSB to deal with!

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