Was TechTV Borged?

By Deane Barker on June 25, 2005

What happened to TechTV? It merged with G4 a year or so ago, but now seems to have vanished completely. They got assimilated and forgotten.

I was looking through the “List of Flops in Entertainment” page at Wikipedia (wickedly addictive), and came upon a blurb for “G4TechTV,” which was the name right after the merger:

G4techTV was the highly controversial merger of successful tech channel TechTV and failing gaming network G4.

That led me to the G4TechTV page, which states:

G4techTV was a cable and satellite television channel resulting from a merger between Comcast-owned G4 and TechTV. The headquarters were based in Los Angeles, California. The merger is now seen to be non-existent, as the name changed back to G4 on February 15, 2005 in the United States.

Did G4 agree to merge just so they could kill a competitor? It wouldn’t be the first time, I guess.

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  1. Well it was pretty obvious they were trying to get rid of TechTV. They also fired most of the original people and moved the whole thing to LA(?).

  2. I think they really just wanted to buy the more successful shows – The Screen Savers (now Attack of the Show) and X-Play, pick up some of the talent, and saw a chance to get both at a low cost when TTV’s owners decided to divest. The whole saga was really a shame, as now the good solid tech content found on Screen Savers and Call for Help has totally disappeared from broadcast airwaves (unless you’re in Canada, where you can still get Call for Help on G4TechTV Canada)

  3. I watched TechTV almost everyday. Usually TheScreenSavers which at times sucked but it was usually entertaining. It was informative thanks to the younger cast who continue to provide good content through their independent videos at http://systm.org

  4. I also watched TechTV every day, and remember being enthused at the merger when announced, because the prospect of one channel being devoted to both all things “tech” and all things “gaming” SEEMED like a great idea. It’s too bad that TechTV was cannibalized for what some producers thought were just the “good shows”. They could’ve asked us – I’m sure viewer polls would’ve kept “Fresh Gear” at least (where’d Sumi Das go, anyway?) so that we were kept up to date on the latest trends in technology. In fact, it should’ve been upped to an hour show, produced weekly. Just that one program would help to temper the constant onslaught of juvenile tripe that somehow keeps getting production dollars thrown at it. Somebody in charge actually deciding it’s a good idea to have “Video Game Vixen Awards” and continually justifying Adam Sessler’s existence has far too much power. The hardware required to enjoy the interactive entertainment they’re reviewing deserves as much airtime as the software that runs on it. And I don’t mean glorified commercials for the newest generation consoles, I mean the Televisions, the Stereos, the Personal Computers and the widgets in, around and between need a stage as well.

  5. Well I thought the best of the shows was call for help and screensaver… Whats leo doing now ? Leo if you have a new endeavor please let me know …..

  6. I liked Call for Help and TheScreenSavers the way they were.

    I think what Comcast did is like flushing the person & keeping what came out.

  7. I miss TechTV, I used to watch The Screen Savers with Leo and Pat everyday. Now I find G4 missing something, like a soul. I think they sold it for these crappy shows they have on now, what a mistake.

  8.      You can hear Leo's weekend radio show at KFI.com. It runs from 1pm to 4pm central time on saturday and sunday.
  9. After getting satellite TV about a year ago,one few stations that I liked was TechTV,particularly TSS and Call for Help.Here were shows that made learning about computers and tech in general fun and less intimididating-a show which had a broad appeal from young to old,tech noob to tech geek,boy -girl,man -woman etc.

    Other shows were very informative in their respective genres(cyberCrime,Freshgear).

    I remember thinkin ,this network filled a great void-tapped on new lucrative TV market and the network will go far.

    Suffice it to say after being cannibalized by G4(silly gaming network with shoddy programs),all the shows(and the people) I liked were summarily dumped.Where TSS was a show where the hosts thank you for inviting them in you livingroom with family to learn and have fun with technology,now you are reluctant bystander watching know-nothings goof around and rant and rave about nothing.

    Congratulations G4(executives) you have taken some of few intelligent programmings on TV and ruin the few hours some of us actually spent watchin TV. You deserve whatever setbacks that befalls you.

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