Windows XP Home Edition N…o one wants it

By Deane Barker on June 24, 2005

PC makers, distributors pass on Windows XP N: Microsoft was forced to start selling a version of Windows in Europe that didn’t include Windows Media Player. So Microsoft created “Windows XP Home Edition N.”

But — big surprise — no one wants it. I mean, why would you? Who would buy a purposely disabled version of the software? This means that the “punishment” meted out by the court means exactly nothing.

Spanish online computer store Publinet has not ordered the product.

“We’ll first see how it sells. I heard that this version would be cheaper,” said Jose Cabeza, technical director for Publinet. “If it isn’t, logically the market will decide about it. I don’t see why a client on the street would choose a lesser product.”

Microsoft originally wanted to call the product “Windows XP Reduced Media Edition,” but the court nixed that since they felt Microsoft was trying to dissuade consumers from buying it.

It looks like that doesn’t matter — according to the article, retailers aren’t even buying it. I think consumers are going to have to look around a bit to even find someone who stocks it.