One-Page Web Sites

By Deane Barker on July 7, 2003

Are Websites Over-rated? A $500 website and email strategy: Here’s an article about something I’ve always thought would fit a lot of situations: a one-page Web site. There’s nothing worse than a site which has obviously stretched its content to the absolute limit because the designer thought that site simply had to have five pages or some other “acceptable” number. If you only have content for one page, I say stick with one page.

“A single page website is somewhat of an oddity online despite its logic for many businesses. Costs and maintenance of a one page site are more easily controlled than a site with many pages. If money is tight, a one page site with contact information, directions, selected product information, and a signup box for email newsletters is enough information for most visitors to a website.”

It seems odd, but you may want to mention on your page that this is a one-page site, or else people are going to wander around for a few minutes looking for somewhere to click.