Post #4,000

By Deane Barker on June 17, 2005

Well, here we are at #4,000. This puts us just 1,000 posts away from our stated goal of 5,000. Along with the 4,000 posts, we have 6,050 comments as of this writing, and that’s very cool. We appreciate all the interaction everyone has with the site.

Interestingly, we hit 2,500 posts exactly one year ago today. That means our daily post count is about 4.1 (almost 6 without weekends). This means we’ll hit 5,000 posts early next spring, which is always what I figured. We’ll have some contest or something when that happens and hopefully give some stuff away.

So as long as we’re celebrating a blog posting, here’s a list of some of the best and more interesting posts of the last 4,000:

Most Commented Posts

Both posts have had their comments shut down since. The Bill Gates post was the first post I ever did this on — in fact, I had to go look up the exact template tags to do it.

When this site was, there was actually a post about politics that got over 300 comments. (Although that’s cool, about every post at Rosie O’Donnell’s site gets over 300 comments — this one got almost 2,000 comments, in fact. You see, that’s the trick to getting a lot of comments — become a famous lesbian.)

Longest Posts

  • The Josh Clark interview, at over 5,000 words, is the longest. But that doesn’t really count, since I didn’t write most of it.
  • This article on Web usability that I wrote back in 2000 (and published in 2003) is the next longest (read it with a grain of salt, remembering it was written five years ago, which is 100 years ago in Net time).
  • Third place is the The Building of Basecamp Review.

Shortest Posts

Posts With the Most Prominent Links

Any one of those links mentioned is worth 5,000 page views, easily.

My Favorite Posts

Most Glaring Example That The World Is Ending
Some of the comments on this post, easily. I mean, come on people — do I have to spoon feed the sarcasm?

The Post Most Likely To Get Me Sued
I’ve been watching the comments on the Geek Squad post pretty carefully. Nothing has gotten out of hand, and there’s a lot of good discussion going on, so I’m keeping my hands off for now. However, it still makes me a little nervous.

Only Post I’ve Ever Been Threatened About
There were some comments on this post about Convea that I was asked to take down under threat of “legal action.” I’m still bitter about it, but I wussed out and folded.

(Some long-time readers will remember that this site came down for six weeks in early 2003 when I was threatened over another post, but it was a completely different site back then, so that doesn’t really count. And I deserved that one.)

Posts That Bummed Me Out The Most
Two of them, actually — both pretty recent.

  • The comments of this one about the new design
  • The comments on this one that accused me of tricking people into clicking on AdSense links.

Both sucked, but they are what they are. People have every right to express their opinions.

Most Pissed Off I’ve Been While Writing A Post
This one, about the comment spammer. That’s also the closest we’ve come to getting taken offline.

Post Containing the Most Hyperlinks
This one. There’s 40 of them in here. Markdown rules.

So, what’s next? Some ideas for the future:

Ask Gadgetopia
I’d like to provide a place for readers to ask questions of the community that’s built-up around this site. Not specific “debug my code” questions, but general questions about the best way to do something. There’s a lot of knowledge out there I know some people would like to tap.

Reader Survey
We did a survey a long time ago. I’d like to do another one to find out who’s reading. Total vanity, but still.

Let’s Give Stuff Away…
I’m getting an increasing number of people offering me review copies of stuff (software, games, books…) in exchange for some publicity. I’ve started asking for two copies: one for me to review, and one for me to give away to someone. However, I can’t figure out a good way to give the stuff away.

Let’s Go Somewhere…
I’d like to send Dave or Rob to MacWorld, or me or Joe on this PHP cruise. I’d need to know, however, that we can provide some unique value. A lot of sites send people to these things — can we provide something different enough to make it worthwhile?

So, that’s it. I’m sure I’ll forget about post #4,500, so I’ll see you number 5,000. I’ll be here — I hope you will too.

Next Steps —
What Links Here


  1. “What Deane meant to say was send Dave AND Rob to MacWorld. Woohoo.”

    I’ll second that motion! MacWorld is twice as fun when you go with someone, plus you can cover twice the territory.

    “Dave had a couple linked to from AppleInsider and MacInTouch, but I can’t remember which ones (sorry, Dave).”

    One of them was the post about Steve Jobs’ mansion, The Woodside Controversy, but I don’t remember getting a link to MacInTouch, except maybe in my dreams.

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