That’s Why There’s a BCC Field, Folks

By Deane Barker on June 17, 2005

119 students who failed courses get group email: 119 kids are failing out of the University of Kansas, and now they all know each other.

The students were notified earlier this week that they were in jeopardy of having their financial aid revoked. The e-mail sent Monday by the Office of Student Financial Aid asked for additional information to determine if they were still eligible for aid.

The e-mail address list included the names of all 119 students, with the result that everyone on it could see the names of all the others.



  1. The school is liable under the Buckley Amendment, but the Buckley Amendment doesn’t have any teeth. The Dept. of Education may slap their wrists and tell them not to do it again, but that’s about it. But this may be a blessing in disguise – now these 119 students have the chance to get the hell out of Kansas and join the civilized world. Perhaps they didn’t realize that they were free to leave.

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