Star Wars Toys: Then and Now

By Deane Barker on June 17, 2005

Battle of the ‘Star Wars’ trinkets: A great little article comparing Star Wars toys then and now. I remember the Yoda hand puppet from 25 years ago:

The Yoda hand puppet could look up in awe, or down in sadness, or stare straight ahead blankly. Side to side? Not so much. And the lips didn’t move either (so much for ventriloquism.)

Today, the “Call Upon Yoda” is much more talkative:

He’s got 500 phrases, but be careful: this Yoda will ruin the new movie for you if you haven’t seen it already. He tells the tale of each Star Wars movie from beginning to end and doesn’t give warnings for spoilers.



  1. I have this old Yoda sitting on my shelf here at home. When my parents pulled it out of the attic last year I was disappointed to see such a low price on ebay – 25 years! ;-)

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