By on June 16, 2005

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computer, has gone on record saying that he’d sell Dell hardware loaded with OS X, if he could.

If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers,

Fortune writer David Kirkpatrick has asked several other PC manufacturers the same question, and while most said they would put OS X on their machines, they didn’t want Bill Gates to know about it.

Now all Michael needs to do is convince Steve Jobs that it’s a good idea. After that’s accomplished, he’ll walk on water.



  1. Deane secretly desires to code for Apple. He readies himself by kicking his kids’ stuffed animals around his office.

  2. Apple Corp needs to sue Apple again for selling anything other than computers.

    Are you fed up with Wintel boxes, then switch to Appletel.

    Think Different, Think Slower and Less Compatible.

    Think emulating OSX on a Wintel machine for the last few holdouts.

    Think Sega. No more hardware for you Mr. Jobs. Stick to the software.

  3. you all are missing the greater point here. he, as everyone else, even mac users know that there is nothing osx can do that even a puppy linux cant. he realizes a mac user is never rational about a mac, they are fanatical.

    if i can take a buck off every member of al-quaeda ill be a very happy man.

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