Hydrogen Powered Bicycles

By Deane Barker on June 15, 2005

Motorbike runs on hydrogen power: These look extremely cool. Apparently dead quiet too.

[…] the motorcycle’s fuel cell develops the equivalent of eight horsepower, good for speeds up to 50 miles an hour. The cycle has a range of about 100 miles on a tank of fuel. Currently, a hydrogen fill-up would cost about $3, says the cycle’s project director, Andy Eggleston.

The fuel cell itself can be pulled out and carried around like a small suitcase. The company says it foresees one day being able to use the same fuel cell for different applications, such as a boat.

With fewer moving parts than in a conventional motorcycle, the hydrogen-powered motorcycle gains simplicity and quiet. The rider hears little more than the sound of tires spinning over the road or trail.

I wondered whether I should call this a “motorcycle,” but at 8 h.p., I figured it was just a bike with…a…motor. Wait a second…



  1. That motorbike is something to be forgotten! Is always the same thing , someone develops a new engine that uses as fuel something that does not polute the enviroment so much as gasolin or diesel, and there will be always someone to kill the idea so that the oil industry will keep on running without competition. Several years ago, a portuguese entreprise developed a electric-scooter. The project was sold to german enterprise to start the electric-scooter manufacturing in a mass scale, but something happened and the project was closed in the dark so it woul not bother the competition and the portuguese enterprise went bankrupt a couple of years later. Strangely, by that time, nobody knew the portuguese electric-scooter developers werebouts.

  2. hey people, i dont care whaqt people say about this cool bike. but it bets walking and riding a pushy. how much for one ?

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