Bots-Only Poker Tournament

By on June 15, 2005

If our last post on bots in online poker is any indication, a lot of you might be interested in this LA Times Article:

The march of the machines will be celebrated in Las Vegas next month with the world’s first money tournament for robots — and the $100,000 prize is drawing a handful of coders out of anonymity.

The emerging technology does more than raise the stakes for real people and online casinos. It also raises fundamental questions about how far computers have come in mimicking and improving on human behavior, and about how far they can go in the future.

The article goes on to quote some AI folks stating that getting a computer to master poker will probably drive AI forward far more than a computer winning chess or backgammon, since it’s such a psychological game, and involves understanding human patterns.

Sadly, this poker tournament will not include my favorite parts of a local Texas Hold’em tournament. Namely, eating too many chips and laughing so hard that I nearly fall out of my chair.

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  1. Not all Poker ‘Bots’ are easy to use. One being touted online presently was on sale [now being given away] for beta testing.. [won’t name names obviously], does not work with my PC. Contacted guys who are offering this bot about the problems [hits the poker site but seems reluctent to attatch it’s self], they don’t appear to be concerned at this as they don’t answer my e-mails or calls.

    In fairness though they did refund my money. And I still have the Bot even though it don’t work for me.

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