Death on Mission: Space

By Deane Barker on June 14, 2005

Boy, 4, dies after riding Epcot attraction: This ride is apparently pretty intense. From the CNN article:

In 2003, Disney began placing motion sickness bags in the ride. During an eight-month period in 2003-04, six people over age 55 were taken to the hospital for chest pain and nausea after riding it, though none of them was found to have any serious injuries.

It was the most hospital visits for a single ride since Florida’s major theme parks agreed in 2001 to report such problems to the state.

Has anyone ridden it? Is it all that?



  1. I rode it last year (I’m 40). The other people on the “ship” were probably 12 – 50 years old. While very cool, the motion is enhanced with virtual motion through sound and video.

  2. I rode it just last month. I must say I felt very nauseated and quite sick afterwards. I remember making the comment, “Wow, that was a one-timer” after I got off and everyone in my party was in agreement with that statement. Definately one of the worst rides I’ve ever been on.

  3. I just went on this ride, named Mission Space, two weeks ago and in my opinion it’s the best ride I’ve been on…ever. The ride simulates what it would be like to actually sit in the cockpit of a NASA space shuttle pointed at the sky. You’re sitting there in a chair on your back staring at clouds and birds overhead when the countdown begins…3…2…1…ignition! The next thing you see is smoke and flames as the shuttle blasts off and the G forces throw you back in your seat. The clouds race closer until you finally leave the atmosphere and feel weightless… and that’s just the beginning!

    I assume that to simulate the g forces they’re using centrifugal force which is why some people feel woozy afterwards. Anyway, I’m sure glad I got to experience this ride before it got shut down!

  4. It was re-opened the next day after Disney claimed they found no malfunction. Apparently it’s supposed to kill people?

  5. The ride is not supposed to kill people. It is supposed to get you to feel like you are going into space. It is a great ride. If you are too old to ride the ride, or too young, and you may have a weak heart, stomach, or lung capasity, it is your fault that you got on and got hurt. Everyone has a chance, everyone takes a risk.

  6. i rode the ride the day after the boy died and about ten times last year. It is fantastic! If you have any back, neck, or heart problems THEY TELL YOU CONTINUOSLY NOT TO RIDE IT!!!!!!!! It is a g-force simulator. what do people expect?! everyone is responsible for themselves and PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN! This is extremely unfortunate but there are plenty of warnings! GREAT RIDE! I RECOMMEND IT!!!

  7. My boyfriend rode Mission Space when it was still in the test stages, and it has been toned down since then. He enjoyed the ride. The ride is posted with numerous warning signs. So for those who did have issues after riding, although unfortunate, they were PRE-WARNED. I feel terrible for the family of the 4 yr old. Who goes to the happiest place on earth and expects such a tragic experience? HOWEVER, just because your child meets the height requirements does NOT mean they should ride.

  8. I do not agree with those that say it’s the parents fault. The child met the requirements that Disney has posted. This should mean that Disney states the ride is safe for a child of that height. Therefore, if the child meets the requirements, no matter what the ride is, it should be safe. Who would think a 4 yr old boy would have a heart problem? I believe Disney is at fault for developing an unsafe ride that has sent so many people to the hospital. If people are being admitted for chest pains, etc. after experiencing the ride, don’t you think that’s a clue for Disney to re-evaluate the ride??? Come on people, stop blaming the parents on this one! My prayers go to the family.

  9. i was on it like a million times its so great they worn u at the at the beging so if u dont want to go on u shounld not go on. disney can not tell what u can handle only u can i really dont think disney ment for that to happen the only thing i think disney needs to add is an age limit there is no way even though a child could reach the height requirent i dont think a 4 year old should be on that ride in all fairness thats not all disneys fault but they should really increse the age and height limit

  10. Not sure if going on this ride ‘like a million times’ has an impact on your ability to write coherently or if bad grammar and spelling are prerequisites to ride.

  11. I was at Disney World when this unfortunate event took place. I can see both sides of the spectrum, but as a parent of a 5-year-old judgement is 90% of your job. I can say that Disney was very strict in measuring my son for all height-restricted rides. Just because my son met the requirements doesn’t mean he had to ride it . It is a judgement call. Sure we expect the rides to be safe, but different people can handle different things. Just because I can ride anything I want doesn’t mean I will. Anytime ittakes an astronaut years to prepare to take off into space, surely and hour of waiting in line doesn’t qualify me to do the same. Let’s not play the blame game. This isn’t some dumb teenager goofing off and getting injured, but people who seemed to do things right are now forced to deal with tragedy. On both Disney and the Family’s side!

  12. The bottom line is that every time you put yourself into a Disney ride vehicle, you are trusting that Disney has developed a safe, well constructed, tested, and well maintanced ride. Bad things happen even to the best theme parks, however this ride has caused too many injuries, illnesses, and now even death. That little boy and his family put their trust into Disney and Disney failed them. Enough is Enough! This ride, however how much money and businees it has brought to Epcot, needs to be re-evaluated and either toned down, or shut down. All that the boy and his family wanted was to have a good time at the park that day. At no point can anyone blame that boy or his parents for his death. They put their trust into Disney just like everyone else who boards a disney ride 365 days a year and they were betrayed. This ride may be a technological marvel that has impressed many and has attracted a new thrill seeking audience which in turn has made Epcot and Disney a lot of money. However the risk factor involved with personal injury are far ahead of any other ride at WDW. This event should be an eye opener to Disney and would be a great opportunity for them to make a change on improving the qualitiy and saftey of all of their guests. My heart goes out to the family of that 4 year old boy, who wanted nothing more then to ride a fun attraction at Walt Disney World. To my knowledge, no one has ever before died due to the intensity of a WDW ride since the park opened. All other deaths while on rides were caused be pre-exsisting conditions specified clearly on signs prior to boarding.

  13. Mission Space is the most intense, incredible, amazing ride i’ve ever been on. there are NUMEROUS warnings posted and relayed thru speakers before the ride begins. all of them, constantly while in line, actually made me a bit uneasy about getting on the thing but i wasn’t going to pass on this opportunity. although i’m not a parent, due to all of the warnings, i think i’d have to check it out before i let my child on it. i have a 4-year old niece and while she loves the little rollercoasters and basically anything that goes fast, i’d never let her on this ride. i’d also never let my parent’s get on it. maybe there have been a few mishaps with people getting sick, chest pains, etc but i imagine the ratio of these incidents to how many people have been on the ride with no trouble is minimal. perhaps the requirements should be changed a bit but i don’t see why it should be shut down. i’m not prone to motion sickness but i don’t do well going in continuous circles (can’t do the tea cups); by the end of the ride, i’m ready for it to be over. but as long as it’s at Epcot, i will ride it every time i go!

  14. An age requirement would not matter. Parents will lie to get there kid on the rides. I have seen parents give there little girl the thick flip flops so that their kid will be tall enough to ride, and as long as the child hits the height bar, the cast member cannot say anything about it. The shoe may add and inch or two to the child, but if they hit the bar with the shoes on, they can ride the ride. So what makes you think a age requirement will help. The height requiment is based on how the restrants for the attraction are made, and if your child is the height requirment then the restraint should fit properly. If you have a small child you should just ask the cast member out front how it is for younger children. You can ask if there is a way to test the ride out to see how it is, then if you deem it ok for your child let your child ride. Many attractions are getting the single riders line so that you can go in and out of the ride rather quickly, or at leat fast than the stand-by line.

  15. The initial autopsy showed no trauma. I have ridden Mission Space 4 times and while it’s intense, if you follow the suggestions, it is quite “safe.” People die every day unexpectedly. Did the ride cause the 4 year old’s death? Probably not directly. A 74 year old women died after riding Pirates of the Caribbean. Clearly, not a direct cause. Parents are ultimately responsible for deciding what their children experience in all of life, while they are minors. I don’t put that responsibility onto anyone else, even Disney.

  16. I and my three children rode this ride in March of this year, this was the only disney ride that we actually stood in line for a second go. One of the best rides that I have riden in a while. It was great. It is a real hurt that someone has lost their life. I would think that the G-force was probably the cause. I hope that a reason can be found. My prayer are with the family of the young boy.

  17. I just had to comment. My 7 yr old son and I rode Mission Space this past April. I am an avid thrill ride enthusiast, however, I have strong feelings about this ride. There are warnings about motion sickness and medical conditions that should prohibit some riders. I had none of these conditions and I was excited about the opportunity to try this ride. My heart dropped in my chest when I read, on the screen in the ride, that you shouldn’t close your eyes and that you might feel disoriented. I wanted out at that point ,as did my son, but we didn’t find any emergency buttons to push. I want it to be known, I do not have any medical conditions, nor do I know what “Gs” mean. I am very conservative with my decisions. I regret this one. Within 30 seconds, I became very disoriented and so short of breath I could no longer talk and reassure my son. I held his hand and prayed for the ride to be over. It was the scariest feeling I have ever had and made me rethink letting either of my children ride something before I have tested it out. My son met the requirements too and had no known health conditions. Obviously, we both survived but neither of us will ride it again or recommend it to others. It was our choice, we took the risk. I do wish the warnings inside the ride were posted on a sign while we were waiting. I would have not got on. This child’s death is a tragedy. I don’t believe it’s the parent’s fault nor Disney’s. It is one of those rare, unpredictable, and horrible tragedies. I hope that some good comes out of all this. That parents become more educated about decision making regarding children and thrill rides. It seems possible that you could have a health condition and not know it and then potentially have problems with a ride. No one forces you to buy a park ticket or ride a certain ride, it’s our choice! My deepest sympathy goes out to the child’s family and all involved in this tragedy. As a parent I cannot even comprehend the sadness they must feel!

  18. You guys that are bashing it as an unsafe ride are stupid. I am 37 years old, I LOVE the ride. Do you know how many people have to go to the hospital after riding Roller Coasters? People die on those too, for no apparent reason. I have ridden the ride MANY times. It is the BEST ride at the Disney theme parks, but if you get motion sick, you should not ride it. Just like you shouldn’t ride a roller coaster. The ride is safe. I am a Doctor, and I have a pretty good idea what caused the boy’s death, and it could have happened while he was watching TV. And, to the last lady who commented, I guess you can’t read. My kids love it, I love it and I will ride it every time I visit EPCOT.

  19. I am only 11 years old and I went on itv when I was 10, last summer. One of my close friends was at the park when this tragic event happened. She saw the child beg his mother not to make him go on. She bribed him with an ice cream cone, and he gave in. She ended up buying him a casket, not an icecream cone. Only a little while later, she saw someone come out on a stretcher, and she decided not to go on. The poor 4 year old did not want to go on, his mother wanted to go on. The mother should have seen the signs saying things like ‘no young children, if you have heart conditions, if you have recently eaten,’ and so on. I enjoyed this ride, and plan to ride it again. People have to know the risks before they act. Disney designed a ride for strong people, not 4 yr olds. Just because the child met the requirments, doesn’t mean he should ride it. I pray for the family every night, and wish we could all go back in time to stop this evernt from happening, but we can’t.

  20. A shame this has claimed the life of a child. I rode this attraction in May with my 9, 8 and 6 year-old children. I must admit, when the ride began I was very concerned about my children who I couldn’t reach because of the G Force. When I got a positive verbal response from them all that they were OK, I was able to relax and enjoy the ride…It was very intense and exhilarating. My wife then went on with the same three children a second time. No one was any worse for the wear and glad to have experienced the thrill. That being said, we have a responsibility as parents to not push our children beyond their limits. If they don’t want to go….they don’t want to go!! I’m confident this death was a result of a pre-existing medical condition that was aggravated by the intensity of the ride. No one is to blame…..NUFF SAID.

  21. My heart dropped when I heard about this horrible event! I am twelve years old, and I went on this ride last year when I went to Disney World. I had such a great time, and I went on this ride. It was an amazing felling. And I loved it! It was so exciting. I give my wishes to the family,. After I read one of the comments, I was so heart broken when I heard that the mother BRIBED him! That is just so horible! He was only four years old! If only people would listen to other things around them, instead of being gready for their selfs! Of course I will still ride this ride. You won’t know if it was his health or the ride, but I remember how many wanings they had out side of the ride. Remember that we can not go back and change things, so we must be careful with our actions. When it is a one chance, we must do what we think is right., and not just what we want. To have happy times, we must have sad ones. I am so sorry for this, and I wish I could do something for the family. I love disney world,! It is the happiest place on earth! It was neither Disney nor the family’s fault. It is something at happens in life. Again, I am so sorry for the family.

  22. My family rode the ride the day before the boy died. We are sorry about his death. However, it was a great ride! I am 55 and had no problems with it. We rode it 2 more times. My children 10, 18, 21 enjoyed the ride too. Follow directions (my wife and I always review everything to ensure our younger daughter is safe before we ride)! I am sorry he died but theme parks do their best. I love rides and want to see more like this – safely.

  23. You make choices to go to theme parks. You should also make choices about the rides that you ride. Last year we took our children to Disney (they are 7 and 9 years old) and we rode this ride 5 or 6 times during our week long trip. True, this ride is intense. My husband is a pilot and has experienced many of the same feelings evoked by this ride and, still, he thought it was intense. My kids loved it but, it was not the first thrill ride they have riden. As parents, we know that you start with mild rides and then progress to more intense as the child wants to progress; you don’t start with one of the most intense!!!! In no way do I blame Disney for this tragedy; the signs are posted. For all of those people that get off this ride miserable – well, you were warned. There are many people who get “disoriented” riding subways; should we close them too? There are people who get motion sick when riding in cars and boats; should we get rid of all cars and boats? C’mon now. People have a responsibility to make good decisions and live with the consequences of their decisions.

  24. I rode a ride @ visionland, and it was an improved scrambler, and it was messed up so it went faster and it had a bunch of g-forces on it, my face got all messed up and it had a lota pressure on my chest, would it be ok if i rode it?

  25. My family and I were at Epcot the day the boy died and I must say, I have a five year old son now. He was four when we first rode the ride and they loved it. I myself cannot ride it, way to intense for me. All my children could talk about was how it may your face move and you could not lift your head. I saw many people holding their chests and feeling quesy. We love Disney, we live in Georgia and go to disney world atleast 3 times a year. I have never doubted any disney rides, but this news sure makes me second guess the rides. Although SOARIN is great.

  26. I believe that blame cannot be put on either party. It is both Disney and the Parent’s responsibility. Disney can only make a generalized restriction based off of statistics. As Parents we know our children much better than a large corporation and so we must judge whether they are capable of riding a ride. That being said, there are still many conditions we may not be aware of in our children and therefore we must be prepared for accidents. An accident is what this tragedy was.
    Of course my heart goes out to the family.

  27. Mission: Space is definatly my favorite ride at Disney. And this is coming from a 13-yr-old TERRIFIED of rollercoasters. But this seriously is one of the best rides there. The boy’s parents were obviously not doing their job as parents. Even if you meet the height requirement, you don’t let a 4-yr-old kid on a ride with that many warnings. I know that, the parents didn’t think. I feel bad for them…and their loss…but this should show others to think.

  28. I rode Mission Space, twice this past week. There are warnings all over the place! There are numerous signs, and then on numerous monitors as you are waiting in line. Then in the breifing room they warn you again and tell you if you aren’t sure about riding this ride, you should leave now. Then at final briefing just before they let you in the capsule, again more warnings and are encouraged to leave. There were so many warnings, I was quite nervous about riding it, but half-way through the first time, I commented, this isn’t as bad as I thought is was going to be. There are two parts when you pull the G’s – 1) During take off, and 2) when you do the lunar roll around the moon and head for Mars.

    I thought riding a second time would be easier than the first, but it wasn’t really. The only difference was I knew when to expect the G-forces.

    Tip: Keep your eyes locked on the monitor at ALL times, and don’t think about spinning. Immerse yourself in the experience and stay focused on the screen and you won’t even know you are spinning!

    Mission: Space is an awesome ride, and don’t let the warnings or negative comments prevent you from riding this ride. Sure, it is intense, but that’s what makes it great! Also, I rode first thing in the mornings. I was going to ride again another time in the afternoon, but I found myself a bit dehydrated and not feeling in tip top shape, so I would avoid riding it if you are even slightly dehydrated, and certainly not right after eating. First thing in the morning worked for me, and I didn’t feel the least bit sick or dizzy afterwards.

    Give it a try, Mission: Space is a blast!

  29. My daughters and I went last year four or five times in a row. It was in November and there were little to no lines. It was awesome,we all loved it. Can’t wait to go back this year.

  30. I went on the ride last year and felt very nauseated after, even though I have had no motion sickness problems before. My 8 and 6 year old boys loved it. My 4 year old didn’t meet the height requirement and that is the only reason he didn’t go on it. As a parent, I constantly evaluate things that my kids are doing to make sure they’re safe. However, I am not an expert on motion rides, G-forces, etc. and am not qualified to make a decision that the ride is safe or not. I expect Disney to do this. I totally with an earlier comment by Steve: “This ride, however how much money and businees it has brought to Epcot, needs to be re-evaluated and either toned down, or shut down. All that the boy and his family wanted was to have a good time at the park that day. At no point can anyone blame that boy or his parents for his death. They put their trust into Disney just like everyone else who boards a disney ride 365 days a year and they were betrayed.”

  31. DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD! Turning your head to the side while riding Mission Space is a prescription for instant nausea. That said, Mission Space is the best amusement park ride ever. I was at EPCOT when Mission Space opened and my impression was one of astonishment. The most astounding thing about Mission Space is that it is as thrilling as any roller coaster but it is so benign that it can safely be ridden anyone of any age who meets the minimum height and health requirements. My parents rode Mission Space at my insistence and they too declared it to be the best ride ever, they were in their seventies at that time. I do not believe for a moment that the unfortunate young boy died because of the ride. Spontaneous deaths occur everyday and he might just as well have been sitting at home in his living room watching a DVD when the event occurred.

  32. I just returned from Florida yesterday & knew nothing about this death when I rode the ride. With that information aside, out of the 4 parks that make up Disney, I think that ride was the best one & the most exhilirating one…next to Tower of Terror (also rumored to have caused a gruesome event). There WERE many warnings given before getting on the ride, but I’m not sure if those were all there, prior to this death occuring. Does anybody know? Either way, although it’s true that the parents should have shown some discretion in what rides seem appropriate for a 4-year old, you also place trust in Disney to do the same. If you have never been on a particular ride before, you don’t know how it is & sometimes the park hypes it up & it’s dull & boring & sometimes, like with this ride, it’s actually earned all of it’s postings & warning. I don’t think the young, the elderly or the sickly should be allowed to ride at all…unless Disney representatives personally spoke with the riders to discuss all warnings & then if they made the decision to ride after that, then fine…b/c sometimes you will ignore this, if you’re too excited or too nervous before getting on. All that aside, my prayers go out to the family of the 4-year old.

  33. Oh yeah, & what if a rider does not speak English or Spanish…how would they take heed to the warnings said or posted?…as those are the only 2 languages I heard at Disney!

  34. what if a rider does not speak English or Spanish…how would they take heed to the warnings said or posted?

    Sure, that’s all they need, to post the warnings in 20 different languages!

  35. When you board a thrill ride, you assume a risk. Sadly, no one could have expected this death. After all, you push more G’s than Mission: Space on most roller coasters, especially the ones that launch from a standing start, e.g. Hypersonic XLC at King’s Dominion and the Aerosmith coaster at MGM Disney. I rode Mission: Space three times in its opening year and two more times this year . . . I loved it. Considering the number of riders every day of every year, the injuries are not STATISTICALLY significant. (Please note the emphasis, people. Of course I realize each of these fatalities is a tragedy.) There were two recent shark attacks in Florida–one fatal. Should we close the beaches? I would not alter the ride experience but I would perhaps emphasize the warnings, especially since people can’t actually SEE the ride to understand what they’re about to feel. But the intensity is part of the thrill and attraction and for the vast majority of healthy people, it presents no problem.

  36. I rode this ride in September and just heard about the accident a little while ago. While its sad and ridiclous that the child died on the ride, I really can’t blame the Disney employees. I think that it really is a judgement call on the parents part. I’m 14 and when I rode it, it was probably one of the funnest rides I’ve ever been on! I was scared at first but I knew I’d be alright because I actualy READ the million signs they have before you get in warning you about it. Now, i didnt feel sick untill about 10 minutes after the ride when i started feeling a bit woosy, but after about 15 minutes and some water i felt alot better. I really think that the height requirement isn’t enough when it comes to rides like these. There should probably be a weight one too. The kid may have hit the height requirement but if he was small in size (maybe really skinny or just all over small and gangly) there is no way he would be able to handle the ride. Since he had a heart condition that the family wasn’t aware of, I am still surprised the family would try to file a lawsuit aginst Disney. They make it VERY clear that people with heart problems shouldnt not ride the ride. I rest my case, this is a safe ride, you just need to pay attention to the warning signs.

  37. G-Force on this ride feels much worse than anything else I’ve experienced so I was surprised by this table of relative g-force;

    Rock n Roller Coaster: 4.4 Gs Space Mountain: 3.5 Gs Big Thunder Mountain: 2.5 Gs Mission: Space: 2.1 Gs (but for 15 seconds in length) Test Track: 2 Gs

    I guess its the length of the exposure that makes the difference.

  38. I was 12 when I rode it and I didn’t keep my head on the head rest and my head got hit like 5 times and then my hip stayed in place and it got stuck. I wasn’t scared, it was funny! It kinda hurt though. It was a pretty cool ride.

  39. I’ve read all the info on both deaths and I’m amazed that someone took a 4 year old on Mission Space. We’ve taken my 4 yr old grandson to Disneyworld each year since he was 9 months old and didn’t even consider taking him on the ride. My grandson goes on huge roller coasters but we didn’t think it was age appropriate because of it’s intensity. We had been on the ride before, maybe the parents of this boy had not been on the ride. I’m 52 years of age (NOT too old) and have ridden the ride over 10 times since it opened plus I know my state of health and chose to ride. I think it would be wise for Disney to up the height requirements to approx. 8 years old, I also wonder why the heart condition of the boy was not known, I’d be wondering what his Pediatrician missed? I intend to go back on the ride next year because it’s a great experience if you can follow the rides instructions completely!!! Might be wise to stay off the ride if you don’t know your state of health.

  40. At 48 it was a nice ride and I loved it but it needs to be toned down some. My first time on it, they were dragging a young girl out of my seat to give me room. I had my 8 year old with me and I was worried on what I was doing. Just look at the recovery room people. There is at least 5-6 people sick as a dog at all times. This is recreation and people think the warnings are part of the hype. Half of America over 35 is unhealthy. On these intense rides, Disney should let the people coming in see the people going out. BTW, My wife and I were fine after 5-10 minutes and my boys were both fine.

  41. I think it really is tragic, for a family to enjoy theirselves on one of the most ‘safest’ places on earth, and have one of their family members killed, by one of the rides.

    Regardless, the parents are responsible for their children and the precautions. You could argue that, the parent was unaware the child had any medical issues, and they thought the child was fine, but he was killed by the ride. That’s a risk people take. It’s a risk, when you drive your car to the store, you could be hit by another car. It’s a risk, when your jogging, you could be kidnapped. But your in the hands of your child. The ride is there. It is for people to enjoy it. It’s your choice to go on it or not, you don’t have to go on it. There are plenty of precautions, and Disney should not be repsonsible for mistakes ‘we’ make.

  42. Im 11, I rode Space Mountain in May. It was Fun! I was scared at first but it was fun. I cant believe somebody DIED on this ride….

  43. The people who die on these Disney rides usually have a health problem, and they seem to just ignore the health-warnings they advertise before getting on the ride (they’re repeated atleast 5 times.)

    It’s not Disney’s fault for killing people. It’s really not that extreme.

  44. I went to Epcot about a few months ago and I rode Mission Space and its the best ride ever! I have a 5 year old daugther and a 2 year old son and I didn’t let them ride it. My mother doesn’t like riding intense rides so she stayed with them while me and my husband and the rest of the family rode the ride. I don’t think Disney should be blame for the incident. I think its the parents fault. The parents know their kids better than Disney. I remember they were alot of warnings and sighns while your waiting in the line and before you get on. The parents decided to take that risk and unfortunately it wasn’t a good decision. Maybe it wasn’t the ride. The samething could have happened in another ride or even in another park that’s not disney. Then they will blame that park. I also heard that they are suing Disney. If I was them I wouldn’t even try it. They are warning sighns and they didn’t even knew their kid had a heart condition.

  45. I recently went on the mission ride and I must say it does has a strong force over your body. However for those who love roller coasters may just love this ride as well. The ride has such a stong impact on your body as well as your mind, it makes you feel as if your mind and body are falling into pieces. This ride ended our vaction at Disney very fast.

  46. I experienced the ride a while ago and hated it. I was very disoriented and nauseated afterwards and had a bad headache for the rest of the day. My advice to newcomers would be simply to avoid it, but if one must ride, my advice would be to keep your eyes on the screen,open at all times, at to keep your head flat against the head rest. You are less likely to get sick this way. Closing your eyes or taking your eyes off of the screen will cause guarenteed nausea,

  47. Ok, i`m tired of people getting on the ride then coming on these websites complaining about it. They have a green and a orange one now. (I don’t know if they did back then) they warn you all the time when you wait that if you have conditions you shouldn’t ride it. They even have on the orange card that if you never rode it before and unsure you should get green. I think parents should be blamed for a childs death if they put their kid on the orange and knew it was intense. It’s so stupid people get on a simulator then say it was so bad when they willingly chose to ride the intense spinning simulator. What do you think a simulator is?

    YOU’RE SIMULATING GOING INTO SPACE, WTF DO YOU THINK IT’S GOING TO FEEL LIKE? seriously..the whole ride is the G forces pressing against you and that’s what makes it fun! The very first time you ride it and take off you can’t feel your body it’s an awesome feeling.

  48. the ride isn’t bad it just has a strong sustained g-force that messes with you but its not all that

  49. Rode this ride when it first opened. Thought I was going to pass out and die during the ride. I am a healthy 45 year old. After ride, I felt nauseous and sick the whole day and night. Hope Disney has changed the ride parameters.

  50. My son rode this ride on July 7 2009. the next morning he suffered a brain bleed. he was 17 physically active and had no previous conditions. all I have to say is disney will hide all the accidents they can, not all incidents are reported on this ride. yes it is ultimately up to the person or parents but when Disney constantly advertises how much fun and how safe everyone is there you dont think anything there could ever be dangerous…….I didnt and I am paying the price for it now.

  51. I also left out the outcome of my sons brain bleed. He was pronounce on July 10. This ride causes many problems and I just want all parents to take a moment to educate themselves to what can happen. If there are any other visitors that have had problems such as mine please post. I would like to hear from you.

  52. Just got home 2 hours ago from riding this….NEVER AGAIN!!! Green level is fine but orange is horrible!Had to leave EPCOT after the ride and still don’t feel right!

  53. My husband and 11 year old daughter got on this ride the end of Nov 2012 and from that point on my husband was not right. Severe dizziness, headache, etc. doctors cant figure it out. Here it is April 2013 still severe dizziness and now anxiety because of it. DO NOT RIDE AND DISNEY WILL NOT ADMIT THE RIDE IS TOO MUCH!!!!!


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