$43 Disposable Video Camera

By on June 10, 2005

I’m just getting to yesterday’s news:

The $29.99 pocket-sized digital video cameras are able to capture up to 20 minutes of video and sound.

CVS Corp. stores, which has exclusive rights to sell them, will process the camera for $12.99 and return a DVD; users also can e-mail video and video greeting cards.

(Twenty minutes for $43… there’s a joke in there somewhere.)



  1. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere too for the folks that actually buy and return them for processing.

    I’d guess by next week or so, we’ll see hacks available that will let users download the digital movies to PCs and then reuse the camera themselves. Might be fun attaching one to a kite or the like for some fun videos (and the price won’t eat you up like dropping a multi-hundred dollar camera would).

  2. I read this on another site the other day. I’m waiting on the hack as well so I can use one of these under water or at the water parks. $23 vs $600 for my real camcorder.

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