Now That’s Just Gross

By on June 10, 2005

Ever since scientists discovered creatures living on the sea floor they’ve been trying to figure out what food source allows them to survive down there. Now they have an answer. Giant globs of snot that sink from above.

The mucus houses, or “sinkers,” are produced by tadpole-like animals not much bigger than your index finger. As sinkers drop to the sea floor, small sea critters and other food particles get stuck to the mucus and end up on the bottom of the ocean.

Makes me quite happy that I have to depend on the local grocery store for my meals. I can’t imagine waiting for a big ball of snot to land in my backyard just so I could eat lunch.



  1. And you would never catch the little sea creatures eating caviar. Or pate’. Compared to that, maybe home delivery of free snot isn’t such a bad deal. I’ll bet it tastes a lot like poi.

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