Napoleon Dynamite Festival

By on June 9, 2005

Preston, Idaho is capitalizing on their new found fame by hosting a Napoleon Dynamite Festival on June 24th and 25th.

Tator Tot Eating Contest – Bowling – Street Dance – Look Alike & Impersonation Contest – Tether Ball Tournament – Roller Blade and Sweet Bike Contest – Bus Tour of Napoleon Dynamite Movie Scenes.

We’ve got two weeks to brush up on our tot eating techniques. Who’s with me?



  1. I don’ t know how they do things in Preston, but here in Boise, we like to see some Napoleon festivities in our own back yard……Gooosh

  2. If anyone was able to go to the 2005 NDF, and took pictures, I’m allowing anyone to post them on my site. I wasn’t able to get pics of all the events, mainly because I was…… Oh, what’s the best way to put this….. “Babysitting”.

    Or, if you would like to see the ones I did take, visit:

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