Webby Award Speeches

By Deane Barker on June 8, 2005

The Webby Awards have a rule on acceptance speeches — you can only say five words. What people say in those five words is pretty inventive.

I just caught a humorous bit on CNN by the ever-entertaining Jeannie Moos. She covered the Webbies and showed a smattering of speeches from this year’s awards.

  • “Do you like my dress?”

  • “Man, look at my hair.”

  • “I’d just like to say…”

The year’s best went to Al Gore, who got a Webby for his work inventing the Internet (see this post). His speech: “Do not recount this vote.”

There has to be somewhere on the Web where all these speeches are transcribed (gee, don’t get a cramp doing all that typing…). Anyone know where?



  1. When the BBC World Service won a Webby in 2001, and BBCWS boss Chris Westcott stuck to the rule that acceptance speeches should only be five words long.

    His speech was: “Shukran, Shie-Shie, Spaseeba, Gracias, Thanks.”

    Which means “thanks” in the BBC World Service’s five main languages.

    Quite possibly the most original Webby acceptance speech I’ve ever heard.

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