AdSense Fixation

By Deane Barker on June 7, 2005

Recently, I’ve noticed that AdSense has a tendency to get fixated. It will key off a single post on the front page of this site, and deliver ads related to that post for days and days, even after the post has fallen off the front page.

First, it was this post about d-i-a-m-o-n-d-s (trying to cloak the term lest it happens again). I got AdSense ads about that subject for about a week after that post, even after it was gone.

More recently, this post about h-y-b-r-i-d c-a-r-s has still, as of this writing, got AdSense delivering ads about the same subject, even thought the post is six days old, has been off the front page for three days, and nothing else about this subject has been posted since that post.

What’s a drag is that both of these terms aren’t very lucrative. AdSense revenue is down about 30% right now, and has been for a week. Not that I’m complaining too much — revenue is revenue. It just seems odd.

Related to this — the AdSense people called from Google headquarters the other day. They emailed me and asked if they could call and talk about my participation in the program and how they could improve it. We had a nice, 30-minute phone conversation. I mentioned this problem, however, at that point, it was just the first instance. Anyway, they were awfully nice people and seemed genuinely interested in making sure I was getting the most out of the program.



  1. As you write about many subjects, I guess you should not focus too much on your AdSense performance of the home page. It is very difficult to determine the ‘theme’ of a collection of items.

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