Apple to Switch to Intel?

By Deane Barker on June 6, 2005

Report: Apples will soon have Intel inside: I saw this float around for a while last week. Waiting for confirmation.

I wonder if new Macs will have the “Intel Inside” sticker on them. That’d be cool.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to announce Monday morning that Apple will discontinue using microprocessor chips made by IBM in favor of Intel chips, according to CNET Networks’s and The Wall Street Journal.

Someone comment if/when they get confirmation this morning.



  1. It’s for real. Steve just announced it in his keynote at the WWDC. More to come I’m sure.

  2. I doubt this will be a huge shakeup. Apple’s done processor switches in the past — going from the 68040 to PowerPC was painful at first but now everybody is over it, and glad that the move was made. Jobs said today that every build of OS X has been compiled for both Intel and PPC, and Jobs did his demo on a 3.6GHz P4 machine, running Tiger.

    Still, I doubt that Deane will be installing Leopard on his Dells any time soon. ;o)

  3. I’d be a little surprised if once this get’s off the ground you can actually pick up a copy of Mac OS 10.x and install it on a non-Apple box. At least not without some hack. I doubt Steve is going to give up controlling the whole widget.

  4. Deane may never install Leopard on his Dell, but you can bet that he’d be able to do it before he could install Longhorn on that same Dell. I bet Leopard ships Nov. 2006.

  5. The goofy thing I’m seeing in this whole story is that following the news that Apple is going to Intel, Apple stock closed down 2 cents, and ditto with Intel at 17 cents. IBM dropped 44, which is understandable, but Apple and Intel? I would think that investors would see this as good news and the price would go up.

    Good thing my livelihood doesn’t depend on my outguessing the stock market.

  6. At the risk of having my author privileges revoked. I will simply say that Richard’s comment is the best comment EVER.

    Investors can be very shortsighted. The bad news for Apple in this deal may be slower sales of Powerbooks due to people holding off for one with an Intel processor since we’ll never see G5 Powerbooks. I do think that anything with a G5 (iMac, PowerMac) in it will be faster than the first few Intel machines they put out as well. I wonder if we’ll see any speed bump in G5 speeds before this “transition” takes place next year.

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