Custom Car Emblems

By on June 5, 2005

Just the thing for pimping your own ride (or your bike, your computer, etc…); a set of made-to-order emblems for the trunk lid, or fender, or whatever.

It looks like an assortment of premade chrome alphanumeric characters, but the price isn’t bad; $3.50 each, and $3.99 for special characters (heart, ampersand, at symbol), or $1 for a period.

via Jalopnik.



  1. need just like original emblem for a 1967 chevelle on the grill that said SS427 and the fenders that had cross flags and 427 on them Insted of the 427 . I need them to have 572 insted of.Can you help

  2. That is exactly what we do- we call it a phantom emblem. It looks like the factory emblem, but says something different. We can even match it down to putting posts on the back in the same location to go through factory holes on the vehicle. Check out our work in the emblem gallery at, and let us know how we can help you.

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